Minor League All-Stars

August 17 2010 07:13PM

This is Guyle Fielder. He played only 15 NHL games (and many of those with some of the best talent in the history of the game), but never scored a point in any of them. In the minor leagues, he was Gretzky. 

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Robin Brownlee
August 17 2010 08:45AM

Here and now, is Ryan Rishaug the best, the most experienced or most accomplished play-by-by man available to take over from Rod Phillips as radio voice of the Edmonton Oilers? Hell no, on all three counts.

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The Lesson of the Flying Burrito's

August 16 2010 05:30PM

Long before the Eagles, the Flying Burrito Brothers (and others) were working on a sound that incorporated country and rock music into something special. Gram Parsons would have been rich and famous by now, but got caught up in UFO's, LSD and the Joshua Tree.

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The Dubnyk Selection

Jonathan Willis
August 16 2010 01:48PM

DALLAS - APRIL 02: Goaltender Devan Dubnyk #40 of the Edmonton Oilers at American Airlines Center on April 2, 2010 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Devan Dubnyk wasn’t the first player on the radar for the Oilers at the 2004 NHL Draft. He wasn’t the second or third player, either. And it’s easy to forget now, but at the time the Oilers were criticized in a few different places for the selection – because Dubnyk wasn’t considered the best goaltender available at 14th overall.

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August 15 2010 06:00PM

The Comrie Corporation - Duff Inc Corporate merger has gone ahead, with the final agreement signed yesterday in Montecito, California according to reports surfacing on the interwebs.

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