Gobble Gobble – US Thanksgiving and Canadian team’s playoff chances

Dean Belanger
November 26 2011 12:16PM

So the theory is that if you have a playoff spot near the end of November, you are likely going to hold onto that spot and be a playoff team. Obviously, nothing is written in stone but the percentages are very good and by we should be able to know the difference between a hot start and a talented team.

According to data from the Toronto Star in 2010: 77.5% of teams that held a playoff spot on Thanksgiving made the playoffs. 84% of teams with 17 or fewer points did not make the playoffs. 89% of teams with 28 or more points made the playoffs. With that in mind, let’s look at the Canadian Team’s chances.

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The First Hockey Scout

November 26 2011 07:31AM

This is Nostradamus. He would have been a Movember contender from cradle to grave. Lordy. Nos made all kinds of predictions, things like "tents will be pitched by (people) of foreign tongues" and "the lost thing is discovered, hidden for many centuries."

A cynic might suggest that these words are rather wide-ranging in scope and could fit any number of events without actually proving Nostradamus could predict morning. Wrong 'em boyo! Nos even predicted Ryan Nugent-Hopkins!

  • He will wander because of a frantic head, and delivering a great people from subjection

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No Turkey This Year

November 25 2011 05:01PM

Ken Holland:  “I always look at the standings on U.S. Thanksgiving, right at the end of November. From there, you move in a pack. You’ve sort of shown the winning percentage you’re going to move at.” Guess what? The Edmonton Oilers are running with the pack. It's been awhile.

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Jason Gregor
November 24 2011 11:51PM

I can't recall the last time the Oilers played a weekday afternoon game, and for us sports junkies it is likely the 2nd best "afternoon delight" we can think of. Okay maybe there are numerous different types of the 1st "Afternoon delights," but you know what I mean.

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Robin Brownlee
November 24 2011 11:08PM

Enough already. It’s time to put a familiar and tired storyline out of its misery. Against the odds and common sense, I’m saying the Edmonton Oilers are going to do that against the Minnesota Wild at the Xcel Energy Center Friday and win a hockey game.

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