Robin Brownlee
June 18 2012 08:50PM

There's not much doubt that Filip Forsberg is going to be an NHL player, and a pretty good one in the estimation of many. The question is, does the big Swede fit into the plans of the Edmonton Oilers, given they already have decent depth on the wing? I don't think so, but I don't know so.

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Robin Brownlee
June 18 2012 01:58PM

What readers and writers at Oilersnation think makes for great debate when it comes to the Edmonton Oilers, but there's nothing like actually hearing from somebody in the know. That's why our 2011 series From The Horse's Mouth with Oilers chief Stu MacGregor drew such great response last June.

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Jason Gregor
June 18 2012 01:43PM

For one week of the year, fans of bad hockey teams have a legitimate reason to be happier than those of competitive teams. The 2012 NHL draft is four days away and for only the 2nd time in NHL history, three Canadian teams will be drafting in the top-five; the Leafs sit at five, the Habs at three while the Oilers will choose first.

I can guarantee you that fans in Edmonton, Montreal and Toronto are much more excited this week than fans in Phoenix, New Jersey and New York.

It will be curious to see if fans still be excited Friday night after the first picks are announced?

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Mikhail Grigorenko's Decline

Kent Wilson
June 18 2012 10:30AM



Near the start of the 2011-12 season, Mikhail Grigorenko was considered one of the top two talents in the upcoming draft. In fact, some lists had him as a "1B" prospect next to probable first overall pick Nail Yakupov.

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Are the Columbus Blue Jackets a good trading partner for the Edmonton Oilers?

Jonathan Willis
June 18 2012 09:20AM

They own the second overall pick in this year’s NHL Entry Draft, a surprisingly deep group of NHL defensemen, and their general manager learned his trade as an executive in Edmonton. Are the Columbus Blue Jackets a good trading partner for the Oilers?

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