Jason Gregor
October 19 2011 07:49PM

The Oilers re-assigned Jeff Petry to OKC today, not because he was playing bad, but because it is better for his development. For those stating Theo Peckham has been worse, you're looking at a very small sample size. Last year Peckham was solid, while Petry struggled, and now you want to run Peckham out of town because of a bad start, lose him to waivers, to keep Petry?

If you are that guy, I'd love to be in a fantasy hockey league with you.

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Consider it Avoided

October 19 2011 07:41AM

It looks like the Oilers will be sending a defenseman to OKC sometime this week. Ryan Whitney played more than expected last night, Potter is emerging as a legit top 6 option and the blue has worn better than expected through the early stages of the season. Which defender should be sent down?

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What We Can Learn from the Detroit Wheels (Vol 3)

October 18 2011 10:11PM

The good news for Edmonton Oiler fans is that many of the things management could do to improve has been fast tracked by an aggressive draft strategy that punished heavily short term in the hopes of delivering riches on the other side.

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Battle of Alberta - Game the First Live Chat

Kent Wilson
October 18 2011 06:20PM

The Oilers are off to a better than expected start. The Flames have been incredibly sluggish.

Calgary has owned the BofA the last few years, but there's some question whether that will continue much longer. Can Oil can begin the turn around tonight in Calgary or will the Flames manage to prolong their dominance for just a bit longer?

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Jason Gregor
October 18 2011 12:48PM


Through four games it looks like the Oilers might not need a life preserver to avoid 30th place. They are a fwe pieces away from being a contender, but with the youthful exuberance of the H2E line, the veteran savvy of a Smyth/Horcoff/Jones (until Hemsky retuns) and the potential of Paajarvi and Omark this team will, at the very least, be exciting.

Tonight we'll find out if they are ready to take the next step towards respectability: Beating the #%&*@# crap out of Calgary.

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