Scavenging the Internets – Heatley, Sutter, and God Willing, Stuff I Have Not Already Tired Of

Jonathan Willis
June 10 2009 12:52PM


It’s been two days, and already I tire of the Heatley rumours.

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Hot Hot Heatley

Jason Gregor
June 09 2009 11:07PM


With Dany Heatley announcing he wants out of Ottawa and into the Western conference you can bet that 14 teams in West are preparing their offer. The Wings can’t take Heatley because he makes more than Lidstrom and that goes against their policy, not to mention Zetterberg and Datsyuk make less as well.

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Heatley or J-Bo? The Oilers can't have both

Robin Brownlee
June 09 2009 04:22PM


This shouldn't come as a news flash, but the Edmonton Oilers are interested in Dany Heatley and will pick up the phone between now and the NHL Entry Draft and speak to Ottawa GM Bryan Murray about what it might take to pry him from the Senators.

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Dany Heatley: Not Quite “Free To A Good Home”

Jonathan Willis
June 09 2009 01:29PM


The comment section in yesterday’s post was abuzz (I may be stretching the term “abuzz”) with the news that Dany Heatley has requested a trade out of Ottawa.

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The Numbers Game

Jason Gregor
June 09 2009 11:59AM


Growing up 17 was my favourite number. I really don’t know why. Jari Kurri wasn’t my favourite Oiler; Glenn Anderson was, but I never liked the look of single digits on a jersey. And very few scorers wore single digits so I didn’t.

I tried to get 17 on every team I played for, thinking that I would play better if I had that number. Since I never went on to the NHL or anywhere close, clearly that wasn’t the case.

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