June 17 2012 09:11AM

Playing defense is a tough damn job, with risk of injury, exposure and public humiliation on every sortie. The development of a successful defenseman should be timed by sundial, and there's an enormous risk in dealing away a defenseman during his development time. Trade him too soon and he haunts you for a decade.

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The Edmonton Oilers are getting a little light on prospect forwards

Jonathan Willis
June 16 2012 12:14PM

Image by 5of7, via Wikimedia Commons

It is a fixture in conventional wisdom that the Oilers are heavy on talented forwards, while weaker on defense and in net. Looking at the NHL roster, this is undeniably true. However, looking at the Oilers’ farm system, the case is reversed: they’re very strong on defense and in net, and anemic up front.

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June 16 2012 06:21AM

This is Alexei Mikhnov. A dozen years ago the internet was alive with tales of "Traktor Boy" playing in near darkness and Oilers scout Kenta Nilsson nudging his SAAB alongside the outdoor rink to get a better view of the power and the glory. Edmonton's draft history is rich and bountiful in some places and barren in others. It's been an amazing ride.

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How Much Offense Did Yakupov’s Knee Injury Cost Him?

Jonathan Willis
June 15 2012 09:46AM

When we hear about Nail Yakupov’s injury, normally we’re talking about the concussion that put him out of Sarnia’s lineup in March. The 2012 Draft’s top prospect also suffered a knee injury at the World Juniors, and that injury may have given us a warped picture of his true level of offensive ability.

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June 14 2012 05:05PM

We've been staring at the Oilers defense for what seems like decades. Six men who do the tough work every game, keeping themselves between the puck and their goalie. It's a tough job in any sport, but hockey decided to make these poor men do it on skates and at lightning speed. How many "actual NHL players" do the Oilers have on D? How many more do they need in order to be average?

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