Fresh Meat

Robin Brownlee
April 04 2009 03:59PM


Now that the bones of the Edmonton Oilers have been pretty much picked clean as the season's slid into the sewer, you get the kind of stories we've had in the last week or so.

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Momentum And The Stanley Cup

Jonathan Willis
April 04 2009 11:10AM

2002-cup-win There’s an idea floating around out there that a team needs to be hot going into the playoffs. That idea is totally and completely wrong.

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Robin Brownlee
April 04 2009 12:19AM


He who has the best sources wins.

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Mark Spector’s Latest Article – And Why You Need To Take It With A Grain of Salt

Jonathan Willis
April 03 2009 06:03PM


If what we were looking for was proof that the Edmonton media have teeth, the surest evidence to date was provided in Mark Spector’s column at Sportsnet today.

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More talk on texting

Jason Gregor
April 03 2009 11:36AM


After watching and listening to Kevin Lowe’s comments last night, it is clear to me that change within the organization is coming. The Oilers played one of their better games of the season last night, yet they still lost, and coupled with the Blues and Ducks’ victories, it is clear that the off-season will start April 12th for the Oilers, and that the changes will follow soon after.

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