Spare the Rod and spoil the child

Robin Brownlee
June 29 2009 05:24PM


If you love something as much as Rod Phillips loves calling hockey games with the Edmonton Oilers, and you're as good at it as he is, you should do it until they rip the microphone from your hands.

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Scouting Reports: Olivier Roy

Jonathan Willis
June 29 2009 01:38PM


Olivier Roy was at one point thought by many to be the best goaltender in the draft, but he slipped to the Oilers with the 133rd overall pick. I’ve scoured the internet for scouting reports, which are listed below, and then formed a composite report based on them, found at the end of the article.

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Compare and Contrast: Cameron Abney Edition

Jonathan Willis
June 29 2009 11:15AM

The Oilers had a pretty good weekend, on the whole. I wasn’t thrilled with the Kyle Brodziak trade (Bruce has an excellent take on that deal here), but Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson slid and the Oilers added some nice pieces in Anton Lander, Toni Rajala, and Olivier Roy. There were some funny picks made too – a 20-year old BCHL’er, a high school kid who is at least five years away, but the strangest selection was Cameron Abney of the Everett Silvertips at 82nd overall.

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The morning after

Jason Gregor
June 29 2009 09:19AM


It’s Monday morning and I’m bagged from an awesome weekend. The draft was a blast and was a great experience to take it in live from Montreal. Then Sunday my family had a party for my mother, who got her Doctorate in May. What an awesome achievement for her to fulfill a lifelong goal at the young age of 64. Good job, Mom!

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Bad Week= Xanax

Amber McCormick
June 29 2009 09:08AM


It was a very troubling time in the celebrity world this week. Not sure if you heard or not but Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest on Thursday afternoon. No, seriously he did. They’ve been keeping it on the down-low out of respect for the family. I found out, of course, through a devastating phone call from Tito and Jermaine. Tito and I are tight. Jermaine and I were once good friends until he named his daughter Jermajesty. After that I refused to do his jheri curl any longer.

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