Hockey Is Destroying Western Civilization

Jonathan Willis
September 06 2011 09:22PM

Laura Robinson’s article on the Vancouver riots and the violence-worshipping nature of hockey doesn’t quite go as far as the title above, but she comes close.

Robinson argues that hockey – she cites the Vancouver Olympics and the Canucks’ playoff run – leads to violence against women, because of the culture of violence in hockey.

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Building A Power Play

Jonathan Willis
September 06 2011 07:05PM

The Edmonton Oilers haven’t had a competent power play for a long time. They’ve rotated through coaches and point men alike, without finding success. They’ve added some intriguing options to the line-up: both young players still developing, and established veterans like Ryan Smyth and Eric Belanger. Who should the team use on the power play this year?

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Robin Brownlee
September 06 2011 05:44PM

When Edmonton Oilers players start straggling onto the sheet down at Kinsman Arenas near Twin Brooks on the south side, it's a sure sign hockey season is almost upon on us. Thank goodness for that.

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September 04 2011 04:00PM


There is a little something from everywhere this week on NationRadio. Red Deer Rebels talk starts it off, then it swings over to the Winnipeg Jets. Then Jason Bonsignore emerges from the mists of time to talk about his stint as an Oiler so many years ago.

Then some AHL talk and a look ahead at the Oilers special teams rounds out the week. Oh and what's that? A Toronto Maple Leafs update if anyone West of Mississauga cares to hear about that sort of nonsense.

This is NationRadio. 

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Saint Nik

September 04 2011 11:05AM

Nikolai Khabibulin is from all reports a helluva guy and for a long time he was a quality NHL goalie. Can he make a comeback at age 38?

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