Lucky 13: 20 Games In (Updated With Standings)

Jonathan Willis
November 25 2010 07:01AM

With one quarter of the season now in the rear view mirror, I thought it might be fun to do a quick review of how players have stacked up against our predictions, and which readers and writers have looked the most prescient in the early going.

It turns out that commenter ronaldo has jumped out to an early lead over the field, while Baron Wanye von Gretz IV leads the writers to date.

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Hemsky Hurt, And Other Quick Hits

Jonathan Willis
November 24 2010 04:43PM

Ales Hemsky suffered a leg injury in practice, according to both 630 CHED’s Dan Tencer and the Oilers website. Head coach Tom Renney didn’t know what the injury was, but offered the comforting opinion that he didn’t think it was anything major.

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Dear Steve: Please Don’t Trade…

Jonathan Willis
November 24 2010 01:00PM

The front page story over at TSN today is an opinion piece by hockey insider Darren Dreger, one of the most connected men in hockey, and it delves into the problems facing the Oilers and the things Steve Tambellini might do to address them.

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Robin Brownlee
November 24 2010 11:09AM

That 5-0 laugher against the Phoenix Coyotes Tuesday wasn't Exciting Last Place Hockey. It was a group of entitled, pampered athletes getting their backsides kicked and turning the other cheek without the slightest hint of objection.

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Jason Gregor
November 23 2010 11:47PM

Tom Renney has seen some horrendous performances this season, and he has remained rather calm throughout the first 19 games, but tonight's performance in Phoenix finally pushed him over the edge. I'm amazed his patience lasted this long.

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