July 20 2011 03:09PM

You may be shocked to learn this, but since the departure of bingofuel there has been very little in the way of adult supervision around Nation Central Command.  The writers continue to write, the radio continues to radio and thankfully the advertisers continue to pay their bills.

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Andrew Cogliano and Asset Management

Jonathan Willis
July 19 2011 11:35PM

Earlier today, the Anaheim Ducks signed Andrew Cogliano to a three-year contract worth $2.39 million per season. Lowetide’s take on it is here, and he makes a quick comment on the Oilogosphere in the piece:

As an aside, if Steve Tambellini had signed this contract, I suspect Oiler Nation would be rushing to the internet to express their displeasure at the signing.

I think that deserves comment.

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Sudden Sam

July 19 2011 10:33AM

In the decade that began in 1997-98, no Oiler rookie approached the heights reached by Sudden Sam Gagner. Samwise. The young magician posted a big number as a teenager, and has been chasing it ever since. Is Gagner ever going to get better?

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Anatomy of an undervalued hockey player

Cam Charron
July 18 2011 04:39PM



Niclas Bergfors. Tyler Kennedy. Torrey Mitchell. Scott Gomez. Martin Hanzal. Scottie Upshall. Nikolay Zherdev. Peter Regin. Michael Frolik.

What do all nine of these players have in common?

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Robin Brownlee
July 18 2011 04:05PM

I enjoy good radio and always have. I can't get enough of it, be it a scintillating live call by a play-by-play man, insight from an analyst, a breaking story by a connected reporter, a commentary that bites or pulls at the heartstrings or simply a story well-told.

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