June 10 2012 09:16AM

It's a famous scene even in Lego Land, a young man graduates into the complicated world of adulthood. For a few Oklahoma City Barons, graduation day came this spring and next stop is the NHL. How many kids will graduate this year? Maybe more than it would first appear.

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Should the Oilers pursue Guillaume Latendresse?

Jonathan Willis
June 09 2012 04:04PM

One of the Oilers’ top perceived needs is a big power forward who can play on a skill line while adding size and some crash and bang. In a perfect world, that player would be young enough to fit in with the team’s current core of young players, and not cost an arm and a leg to acquire.

It’s a tall order. And that’s exactly what makes Guillaume Latendresse so appealing.

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June 09 2012 07:51AM

This spring, I've written several posts here at ON to serve as a "guide" for fans like me who want to follow the annual entry draft closely. Like the swallows at Capistrano, the top 30 marks the moment of arrival. This is the Lowetide top 30.

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Should the Edmonton Oilers trade for Tim Thomas?

Jonathan Willis
June 08 2012 12:28PM

As has been widely reported, Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas – the two time Vezina winner, as well as the playoff MVP just one year ago – has decided to take a year off from hockey.

The problem for Boston – a contending, high-salary team – is that because Thomas’ contract is a 35+ deal, they have to absorb his cap hit whether he reports to training camp or not. Presumably, the team will attempt to trade him this summer.

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Blaming The Professional Scouts

Jonathan Willis
June 08 2012 09:18AM

There’s a line of thought that suggests the Oilers’ primary weakness in recent years has been in signing and trading for professional players. It’s an argument I tend to agree with.

There’s an addition to that argument that’s been made with surprising frequency lately: that the problem lies in the Oilers’ professional scouting department. While I don’t know if that’s true or not, it isn’t an argument that I find especially compelling.

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