Assessing The Oilers Defence Corps

Jonathan Willis
March 05 2010 01:01PM

Edmonton Oilers v Ottawa Senators

With massive changes to the Oilers’ blue line personnel, it seemed like an appropriate time to reflect on the job they’ve done so far this season.

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GDB LXIV: A blender against the Wild

Jason Gregor
March 05 2010 11:45AM

It's Friday night; the Oilers are out of the playoffs already and the game in on PPV. That doesn’t seem like a lot of incentive to watch, but many of you will watch because: you bought the PPV package so it’s already paid for, you’ll be at the Pint tipping back a few and the game will be on, or mostly because you want to see the New Guys.

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Around the League - Mar 4, 2010

Jason Gregor
March 04 2010 11:29PM

My apologies for the tardiness of Around The League, but today I had a chance to lace up the skates and play along side my favourite hockey player; Glenn Anderson.

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Piss and moan: Is there no pleasing Oilers fans?

Robin Brownlee
March 04 2010 11:33AM

All things considered, it looks to me like Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini had himself a pretty good day Wednesday before the NHL trade deadline ticked by.

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Oilers vs. Blackhawks Highlights: One-Sided

Jonathan Willis
March 03 2010 11:11PM

Chicago Blackhawks: 5

Edmonton Oilers: 2

Outside of a single one minute interval in the second period, the Oilers were held off the scoresheet.  They were outshot 47-14, as in addition to their usual problems they were blessed with an AHL defence corps.  Taylor Chorney led the way with a minus-3 rating. 

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