NationDraft Update: New Year. New Leaders!

The Towel Boy
January 04 2010 12:20PM

Me oh me oh my.  First off, I must apologize for the lack of Team 1260 NationDraft updates of late.  The sparse updates are just the unfortunate product of the crazy holiday season and its seemingly never ending onslaught of food, friends, cheer and Oiler losses.

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Sunday morning musings: ugly is as ugly does

Robin Brownlee
January 03 2010 12:56PM

Watching the Edmonton Oilers get outclassed, again, 4-1 by the San Jose Sharks Saturday, I couldn't help but wonder which will come first, a move by GM Steve Tambellini or Pat Quinn turning in his resignation after realizing he doesn't need the aggravation.

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Oilers vs. Sharks Postgame: I Respect Jeff Deslauriers

Jonathan Willis
January 03 2010 01:55AM

San Jose Sharks: 4

Edmonton Oilers: 1

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GDB XLII: Oil meets water

January 02 2010 06:45PM

I just got back from being out in the country... Breathing in the country air, eating country foods, rasslin' country dogs, and watching the World Juniors: fast-paced and inspiring hockey.

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The Hangover Updated: Happy New Year

Robin Brownlee
January 01 2010 04:13PM

With fans and those of us who write about the Edmonton Oilers for amusement and/or money here at The Nation bidding good riddance to 2009, I ushered in 2010 with the usual New Year's resolutions and The Hangover.

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