Doing Their Job

Jonathan Willis
April 03 2009 09:26AM


I got the sense watching Kevin Lowe’s press conference last night that the local media were not going to go easy on him in the next few days, and that owner Daryl Katz’s heavy-handed attempt to cutoff conversation about the future of his head coach was going to backfire badly.

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MacT going nowhere

Jason Gregor
April 02 2009 09:38PM


They say timing is everything, and the timing for Darryl Katz to declare his coach is safe is very puzzling.

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GDB 78: The Brink

Jason Gregor
April 02 2009 03:04PM


The Oilers playoff hopes are on the brink (I said a loss against the Ducks was the unofficial end of the dream, but mathematically they are still alive), and the Sharks are circling tonight.

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Stuck In The Middle With Horc

Jonathan Willis
April 02 2009 03:03PM


Just because it feels like cheesy Sun headlines day.

Craig MacTavish’s pre-game press conference featured some interesting dialogue between the coach and the reporters; dialogue that gives us a very good idea of how he views the current situation at centre. His responses to two key questions were especially illuminating.

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April 02 2009 10:41AM


When we get greased we get hungover. When we get hungover we have unusual clarity of thought and 2 times out of 10 we get super vulnerable about stuff. This could be for a variety of reasons. Perhaps we have taken down a lady of questionable quality. Perhaps we threw a whisky bottle at a friend.

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