Oilers 20

May 22 2011 08:39AM

This is Jeff Petry. With the enormous graduating class of 2010-11, the skilled defender finally makes his way to the top of the team's prospect list.

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May 21 2011 04:51PM


This early posted edition goes out to our good friend -30- in the commentary. To say that -30- has been all over our jock about posting NationRadio late in the week would be an understatement. Telling us off directly, going over our head and appealing to Lowetide. He has made complaints via every channel. Well played.

And so this Episode of NationRadio is dedicated to -30-. She's up bright and early for you Sir. To everyone else - this Japanese "music video" that our main man @ounyea tweeted at us earlier goes out to you.

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Nuge Tops All Charts!

May 21 2011 07:10AM

It's been a long time since a WHL kid topped the draft rankings across the board. With the release of Redline Report's latest top 10, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins joins some select company.

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May 21 2011 12:18AM

So it's looking pretty much like the NHL is coming back to Winnipeg.


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Jason Gregor
May 20 2011 04:33PM

Party like it is your last night could take on a whole new meaning tonight if you Harold Camping. Camping, a preacher from Oakland, California, is confidently predicting the Second Coming of the Lord. At about 6pm, on May 21st (yes 6 p.m in every time zone strangely enough) he reckons two per cent of the world's population will be immediately "raptured" to Heaven; the rest of us will get sent straight to the Other Place.

The scary thing about Camping, is that he isn't alone. Every day he speaks to his followers via the Family Radio Network. They own 66 stations across the States and they are funded solely by donations from listeners, and currently they have a whopping 120 million in assets. ( I thought the Nation rocked when we raised 2,000 to go sent Brownlee to the draft a few years ago.)

I guess Sir Wanye is going to have up his game to get more than three people listening to his "Wanye's world vision hour" Internet podcast.  According to Camping my chances aren't good I'll be "raptured" (whatever the hell that means), so I and all of you, because let's be honest, none of us fit into Camping's 2%,  will try to go out with a bang this weekend.

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