June 06 2012 10:13PM

Some of the very best men to wear an Oilers uniform have come to our city from the Quebec League. The first pick in Oilers NHL history (Kevin Lowe), high flying Ales Hemsky and the legendary Georges Laraque were all drafted from the QMJHL. Edmonton clearly has a Q player on their radar this season, too.

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Is Steve Tambellini the right man to craft Edmonton’s next Stanley Cup Champion?

Jonathan Willis
June 06 2012 02:15PM

My reaction to the news of Steve Tambellini’s extension yesterday was mild disappointment. Mild because the Oilers have been telegraphing this move for months and it seemed inevitable long ago. Disappointment because I think it’s the wrong decision.

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Robin Brownlee
June 06 2012 11:37AM

It's been obvious for weeks that the Edmonton Oilers have extended the contract of general manager Steve Tambellini. Today, the team made it official by way of its Twitter feed:

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Colin Fraser: A Fourth-Liner For All Teams

Jonathan Willis
June 06 2012 09:40AM

There are three former members of the Edmonton Oilers playing for Los Angeles in the Stanley Cup Finals that have received a lot of attention. Dustin Penner, Jarret Stoll and Matt Greene are all depth players in L.A., but they play important roles and have significant value as NHL’ers.

Getting a lot less attention is a fourth ex-Oiler: Colin Fraser.

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What would it take for the Leafs to land Yakupov and Galchenyuk?

Jonathan Willis
June 05 2012 10:20PM

Earlier today, we ran an interview between Andrey Osadchenko and Igor Larionov on this site. Larionov is the agent for two of 2012’s top draft prospects – Nail Yakupov and Alex Galchenyuk – and among other things he made the interesting suggestion that the Leafs might attempt to land both players (who are also teammates in Sarnia).

Is it possible?

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