NHLNumbers Podcast Episode 2

NHLnumbers Podcast
November 16 2011 11:01AM


The second iteration of the NHLNumbers Podcast features the regular crew from episode one (myself, Jon Willis and Justin Azevedo) as well as Gabriel Desjardins of behindthenet.ca and Arctic Ice Hockey fame. Gabe is one of the best minds in the world and pioneer when it comes to advanced hockey analysis so we were thrilled he was able to appear for the whole show.

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Oilers Defensemen By Scoring Chances, 2011-12

Jonathan Willis
November 15 2011 10:07PM

There’s a clear gap between the Oilers defensemen getting the job done, and those drowning in the shallow end of the pool.

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November 15 2011 10:43AM

Every now and again non Oilers related highlights make their way onto the non HD television screen at Wanye Manor. Sometimes we even have an opinion on the matter. Other times we can't make up our mind on what we think. This hit on Ryan Miller falls squarely in category two.


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Reasonable Expectations

November 14 2011 05:32PM

David Staples caused a little conversation today with his recent article "Ryan Smyth rocks it on the road, while Nugent-Hopkins drops it." I'm thrilled at the title, which is at least as long as some of mine. As for the idea behind it, well what is reasonable? What should we be expecting after 17 games?

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Jason Strudwick
November 14 2011 11:29AM

"Protect yourself at all times." These are the instructions that boxers receive prior to a match. All hockey players need to start doing the same thing.

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