April 11 2012 01:55PM


Watching ol' Steve Tambellini grinning like someone who had actually done something rather than someone who failed again until he was rewarded we couldn't help but think:

The Hockey Gods have officially done all they can for the Edmonton Oilers. 

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Robin Brownlee
April 11 2012 01:34PM

So, with the Edmonton Oilers becoming just the second team in NHL history to own three consecutive first overall picks in the Entry Draft after the balls fell their way Tuesday, will people now be calling for GM Steve Tambellini to follow the "Quebec model?" The Oilers should be so lucky.

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The Last Team With Three Consecutive First Overall Picks

Jonathan Willis
April 11 2012 11:52AM

With their draft lottery win last night, the Oilers became the second team in NHL history to secure three consecutive first overall draft picks. The last team to do so, the Quebec Nordiques, picked first overall in 1989, 1990 and 1991. While none of those picks would go on to play for championship teams, many of the players acquired for them did.

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April 10 2012 06:45PM

We know now where Edmonton will pick in the 2012 draft (barring trade). Winning the lottery creates all kinds of options. Who is the best prospect available? What's out there? Where do Edmonton's picks come from? Who are the important men in the amateur procurement department?

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Jonathan Willis
April 10 2012 01:54PM

Accountability is a simple concept. Typically, it involves setting reasonable goals in advance, then going back and reviewing those goals. If goals were not met, responsibility needs to be accepted, an explanation offered, and a plan to rectify the situation implemented.

I wonder if Steve Tambellini is doing those things with Daryl Katz this month.

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