GDB 58: Where The Oilers Play Everybody’s Favourite Team

Jonathan Willis
February 19 2012 12:59PM

2011-12 has, to a large extent, been like the two seasons preceding it. The Oilers have iced some good young talent. The team has had a bunch of obvious weaknesses that were obvious weaknesses in the summer, and has suffered for not addressing them in a satisfactory manner. And meaningful games were more or less finished by the time the Christmas break rolled around.

There are, however, exceptions. Judging by what fans here and elsewhere have told me, a game against the Vancouver Canucks is always a meaningful game.

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February 19 2012 10:07AM

Since arriving in the NHL, Theo Peckham has given the Oilers some "crust." Steve Tambellini's off-season added more (Eager, Hordichuk, Sutton) and as the trade deadline approaches Teddy Peckman may be on the outside looking in.

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February 18 2012 08:10AM

Devan Dubnyk is getting an opportunity every goalie dreams of: the chance to prove himself in the best league on the planet. His performance this season has been uneven, and there are as many questions now as there were at the starting gate. Can Devan Dubnyk handle the #1 job?

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February 18 2012 12:49AM

"Rather than spit some outsider gibberish about what we think about the trade deadline we asked friend of the Nation Brian Sutherby - veteran of 460 NHL games and a fella who has been traded twice - what its like to go through the deadline as an NHL player. 

It's kinda like cheating on a test. Why learn math when we can ask the smartest kid in the class to take the test for us? That's good thinkin' right there.

The rest of this article is all him as they say* But we take all the credit for forcing him to write it with all the threatening BBMs that we have sent that arrive in the middle of the night due to the time difference.

Classic." - Wanye

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Jason Gregor
February 17 2012 12:49PM

How sweet would it be if Blade showed up and crushed Edward and Jacob ( I honestly just googled their name, because I've never watched an entire movie or read the book), who seemingly pop up everywhere. Compared to Blade, or Lost Boys, these new  vampire movies are a bore and way too sappy.

I wonder if  you'll feel the same when you walk into Rexall Place tonight. Wednesday night Rexall was jumping. Leafs fans and their kool-aid-drinking, Burke-is-the-greatest, Phaneuf-is-the-man and Kessel-was-worth-it attitude are hard to deal with, but their enthusiasm only made Oiler fans louder and the atmosphere electric.

It felt like a playoff game, and the game was very entertaining, but tonight the Avs are in town, and I don't sense we'll see the same excitement on the ice or in the stands. You can't control how the Oilers play, but as fans you can ensure you do your part and make Rexall a more vibrant, loud, and exciteable building.

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