The Age Card

Jonathan Willis
November 26 2010 10:43AM

For some reason, Sam Gagner’s been a hot-button topic for the past few days, both here and elsewhere, and one item that keeps coming up is “the age card.”

Is Gagner’s age irrelevant? He’s in his fourth NHL season – shouldn’t he be pretty much at the peak of his game right now?

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November 25 2010 10:32PM

The pack of hyenas that makes up the irrational portion of the Oilers fanbase has found new prey. They have moved past Shawn Horcoff, last year's victim. They've beaten up on Tom Gilbert this fall, but the quality of the blue overall is so bad that pointing a finger at 77 seems both cruel and dangerous. It looks like the new whipping boy is none other than former golden child Sam Gagner.

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Jason Gregor
November 25 2010 12:01PM

Avalanche -verb: To overwhelm with an extremely large amount of anything.

An avalanche can be used in the form of a noun as well, but based on how the Oilers are playing right now, Avalanche might be more appropriate in the form of a verb tonight. The Oilers have been overwhelmed in multiple areas lately, so it is very possible the Avalanche could inundate the Oilers in a variety of ways this evening.

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Lucky 13: 20 Games In (Updated With Standings)

Jonathan Willis
November 25 2010 07:01AM

With one quarter of the season now in the rear view mirror, I thought it might be fun to do a quick review of how players have stacked up against our predictions, and which readers and writers have looked the most prescient in the early going.

It turns out that commenter ronaldo has jumped out to an early lead over the field, while Baron Wanye von Gretz IV leads the writers to date.

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Hemsky Hurt, And Other Quick Hits

Jonathan Willis
November 24 2010 04:43PM

Ales Hemsky suffered a leg injury in practice, according to both 630 CHED’s Dan Tencer and the Oilers website. Head coach Tom Renney didn’t know what the injury was, but offered the comforting opinion that he didn’t think it was anything major.

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