MacTavish should retire, not Rod Phillips

August 13 2008 11:21AM

They are talking Phillips over at lately, inspired by the news Brownlee broke yesterday about longtime Oilers announcer Rod Phillips considering retirement.

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An eventful day in Springfield

Jonathan Willis
August 12 2008 08:03PM

The Springfield Falcons had an extremely busy day signing four forwards and a defenceman.

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The Skipper sails on

Robin Brownlee
August 11 2008 06:20PM

When he decides it's time to go, the man known around the NHL as The Voice of the Edmonton Oilers won't telegraph his farewell, prompting all manner of fussing, tributes and retrospectives by admiring peers.

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One Assistant GM to lead them all...

August 11 2008 01:44PM

A comment here from Charlie inspired us to create this image. And to shamelessly rip off the late, great JRR Tolkien

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Oilers promote Rick Olczyk to Assistant GM

August 11 2008 08:46AM

It was reported a few days back that the Oilers promote Rick Olczyk to Assistant General Manager & Director of Hockey Operations/Legal Affairs.

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