Jason Gregor
April 07 2012 02:49PM

The Oilers wrap up another rebuilding season tonight in Vancouver, and by the end of the first period the Canucks will know if the outcome means anything. A St. Louis win over Dallas means the Canucks need at least a point to secure 1st in the west. If the Habs pick up a point v. Toronto, then the race for 29th becomes moot.

I don't think Oiler fans need or deserve the aggravation of having to hope for a loss, considering you've watched more losses than any other fan base in the NHL since 2006, so I'm sure you're hoping for a Habs win so you can cheer for an Oiler victory.

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April 07 2012 06:59AM

It's been a long year on the ice. Some positives, some improvement and some hope for better days ahead. An increase in wins, in goal differential and another lottery ticket about to be punched. Perhaps the best news of all? Cap room. Lots and lots of cap room.

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The Defensive Pipeline

Jonathan Willis
April 06 2012 04:49PM

The Edmonton Oilers are loaded to the gills with defensive prospects in the AHL, junior, college and Europe. When it comes to sheer numbers, the Oilers don’t really need to stock up a lot on draft day this year.

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Glorious, Glorious Silence

Jonathan Willis
April 06 2012 12:40PM

The Oilers have been in a bit of CBA-related hot water lately. They’ve apparently decided that the best way to avoid it in the future is not to talk about it.

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April 06 2012 10:34AM

When it comes to the NHL entry draft, I'm kind of a super nova nerd. If you have dozens of hours to waste in the next three months, please click through and I'll give you a tried and true guide to following the NHL draft.

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