Quarter pole results: grading the Oil

Jason Gregor
November 16 2009 01:46PM

Report card time again. Like last season we will have a quarterly report card, at games 20, 41, 62 and then a final season ranking. The rankings will be based specifically on the respective quarter.

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Jonathan Willis
November 16 2009 11:34AM

At 8-10-2, the Oilers through 20 games are just slightly behind last year’s pace (9-9-2). Last year, the majority of people following this team seemed to blame coaching, claiming that Craig MacTavish had lost the room and demanding he be fired; their wish came only at the end of the season.

Still, Oilers’ GM Steve Tambellini apparently believed coaching was the issue, as he opted to start the season with a nearly identical roster and with an all-star group of coaches. The reputation of the coaching staff combined with the less-than-middling results so far have some searching for a new scapegoat.

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Oilers vs. Thrashers Post-Game: If Hockey's Played In Atlanta, Does Anybody Care?

Jonathan Willis
November 15 2009 06:32PM

Atlanta Thrashers: 3

Edmonton Oilers: 2

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GDB XX: Lunch time on the road

November 15 2009 10:03AM

I don't know about you guys, but these Sunday afternoon PPV games don't provide a very good incentive for me to get out of bed. That's why I'm writing this in my full-body jammies with sewn-on feet from my bedroom. I'm also eating an entire ham in bed, but that's a typical Sunday morning tradtion that really has nothing to do with hockey or PPV games.

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Fernando Pisani: Karma my ass

Robin Brownlee
November 14 2009 03:23PM

I've never put much faith in the concept of karma, and I'm thinking it's even more of a load when I look at the health issues that have plagued Fernando Pisani of the Edmonton Oilers.

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