The Far Side of the Roster

Jonathan Willis
August 24 2011 02:20AM

The Oilers let some useful pieces go this summer. Kevin Montgomery, the young and still promising defenseman acquired from Colorado at last season’s trade deadline, was one. Others include long-time prospect Colin McDonald, fresh off a 40-goal season in the AHL, as well as a pair of high-profile ‘tweeners in Greg Stewart and Ben Ondrus.

Why wouldn’t the Oilers bring these guys back?

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Duane Sutter Named Professional Scout

Jonathan Willis
August 22 2011 04:45PM

The Edmonton Oilers have added Duane Sutter to their professional scouting staff, as per an announcement made on the team’s official website earlier today.

The announcement quoted general manager Steve Tambellini as saying, “We are absolutely thrilled to be adding someone of Duane’s caliber to our scouting staff. Duane brings a vast knowledge of the game and will complement our staff very well.”

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A Giant Walked Among Us

August 22 2011 01:07PM

This is Bill Hunter. Without Hunter, the Edmonton Oilers would not be the city's most famous entity, would not impact Oiler Nation to the point where the Oiler brand and items surrounding have become an everyday activity. How much time do Oilers fans spend a week on their team? How many man or woman hours do they spend on the team instead of actually working? The mind boggles.

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Machiavelli: On Counsellors

Jonathan Willis
August 22 2011 02:52AM

It has been customary the last few years for fans to scrutinize each decision the Oilers make and try to identify the responsible party. Scouts make a good selection; we try and find the regional scout who would have seen him the most (and we do the same when the choices are poor). A series of poor trades are made, and along with the general manager we question the professional scouts – have they been letting the team down?

Political philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli wrote on the how a hierarchical group – like a scouting staff or a hockey team – makes decisions.

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Around the Nation - Debut Edition

Kent Wilson
August 21 2011 09:31PM



It's been a big summer for the Nations. We've added some stellar talent to Leafs Nation, Canucks Army and Flames Nation. We had five writers at the draft and managed to debut Flames Nation radio. Oilers Nation radio has grown in audience with each iteration. And the return of the Jets allowed us to add the newest member site to the network.

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