The Hangover Updated: Happy New Year

Robin Brownlee
January 01 2010 04:13PM

With fans and those of us who write about the Edmonton Oilers for amusement and/or money here at The Nation bidding good riddance to 2009, I ushered in 2010 with the usual New Year's resolutions and The Hangover.

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And the winners are . . .

Jean Lefebvre
January 01 2010 10:15AM

After a brilliant November, the Calgary Flames started leaking oil in December.

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Outlook 2010

January 01 2010 09:39AM


As the year that was 2009 draws to a close back home, here we are sit in Australia after the first non white Christmas/NYE of our life, hung over and listening to Unkie Rod calling the Oilers-Flames game. Craig Conroy has literally just scored with 10 seconds left in the second period for the Flames to take a 1-0 lead. Canada is coming back against the United States in the WJC and Natalie Portman remains as beautiful as ever. Now seems as good a time as any to look ahead to 2010. (Ed note: Wanye couldn't figure out how to post this himself and we were busy living our lives in MST so there is a delay. Live with it.)

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Oilers vs. Flames Postgame: Undoing Last Night's Damage

Jonathan Willis
December 31 2009 11:02PM

Edmonton Oilers: 1

Calgary Flames: 2

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GDB XLI: Nowhere to go but forward

December 31 2009 02:24PM

You'll notice that the title of this post says "forward" rather than "up." There are places we can decend to from here, but after a slight spanking of the Maple Leafs last night, I say we nod knowingly at the notch in the win column and focus on what needs to be done tonight: ringing in the New Year after humiliating the Flames.

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