Fire MacT? No chance

Robin Brownlee
February 02 2009 10:10PM


While there's plenty of sentiment out there, some of it well-founded, that Craig MacTavish should be fired forthwith by the Edmonton Oilers, it isn't going to happen. At least not right now.

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Fire Craig MacTavish

Jonathan Willis
February 02 2009 05:30PM

Craig MacTavish: you're fired

I’ve been a fan of Craig MacTavish for a long time. I defended him last season, and I defended him at the start of this season. He’s a smart guy, and has done a good job getting unheralded players to perform beyond what one would reasonably expect to be their level of ability.

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The sounds of silence

Robin Brownlee
February 02 2009 03:08PM


If Dustin Penner has decided he'd rather walk the walk instead of talk the talk, then his silence after the Edmonton Oilers skated at Millennium Place today is a good thing.

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Smigorowski and the Super Bowl

February 02 2009 10:51AM


Let’s all be very, very quiet today. It’s the day after the Super Bowl and any self respecting sports fan is nursing a coffee this AM and looking forward to a hang over lunch at some place really greasy. Any ideas? We were thinking Taco Bell.

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Tease, tease, tease

Robin Brownlee
February 01 2009 08:45PM


There's no excuse for the half-hearted effort the Edmonton Oilers trotted out for a capacity crowd at Rexall Place in a 2-1 loss to the Nashville Predators, but if you're surprised, you're gullible.

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