August 15 2011 12:18AM


In what can only be described as 'epic' - Robin Brownlee makes his inaugural appearance on NationRadio this week. After 25 episodes of refusing to appear as a guest, the legend vaults right into the big chair taking the reins as the host, filling in for Lowetide who is on a well deserved vacation. And he flipped through his rolodex and booked some pretty spectacular guests.

Not one but TWO Edmonton Oilers are on the show this week as Sam Gagner and Ryan Whitney stop by to say hello. Newly re-signed Oilers play by play man Kevin Quinn comes by too, to put the rumours of a multi-million dollar contract to bed. Oh yeah, and Oilers Head Scout Stu MacGregor? He's here too.

This is some amazing NationRadio. 

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The Blue, Next Generation

August 14 2011 10:50AM

For better or worse, we're coming to the end of the development period for the blue group procured in the middle of last decade. We can pretty much call the winners and losers in that competition, but a better question might be "who's next?"

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Time Enough at Last

August 12 2011 06:34PM

The Edmonton Oilers had a hole in goal, addressed recently by the acquisition of David LeNeveu (in photo). We've discussed it at length, and in fact it remains one of the very important items for the Oilers this fall. The elephant in the room is this: what if NK fails and DD can't hold back the water? 

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Robin Brownlee
August 12 2011 10:47AM

This is not Lowetide. While the picture above was taken before colour technology was widely available for your trusty Kodak, which would make Allan Mitchell about 39 at the time, it is actually yours truly, circa about 1985 at old Memorial Arena in Kamloops.

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Ashes by Now (2)

August 10 2011 10:44PM

The moments of pleasures Never do last
Are gone like a suitcase full of your past
Long gone and in a hurry

Baby, I can't go through this again
I don't need to go down more then I've already been
Just like a wild fire you're running all over town
As much as you burn me baby I should be ashes by now
-Rodney Crowell

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