Robin Brownlee
June 06 2009 03:28PM


Forget the buzz surrounding rumours Sheldon Souray has put his house on the market -- it means nothing in the context of whether or not he wants to be traded by the Edmonton Oilers. Besides, I don't even know for sure if it's true.

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The Rift In The Dressing Room

Jonathan Willis
June 05 2009 11:48PM

Orr Esposito

All season long there have been rumours about a rift, a root dysfunction in the dressing room. Respected names in the Edmonton sports media, people like Dan Barnes and John Short, have reported the problems.

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Cribs n junk

June 05 2009 10:55AM


Yesterday we were messaged by a buddy who said “Sheldon Souray is selling his house in Edmonton!” Like any good singer/songwriter we immediately shot back “says who? You? Pfft.” But upon further investigation it turns out that it was heard second hand from someone who heard it on JAG with Gregor and Brownlee.

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Entry Draft possibilities

Jason Gregor
June 04 2009 02:14PM

Oilers' Scout Stu MacGregor

The NHL entry draft is three weeks away and for the second time in two years the Oilers have a top ten pick. There have been whispers that the Oilers would like to move up at least a few spots, but since they’ve never moved up into the top 20 that remains a long shot.

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Deep Thoughts X: Cold showers and moving up on draft day

Robin Brownlee
June 04 2009 01:25PM

[caption id="attachment_9812" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="What will Tambellini try and swing on draft day?"]tambellini[/caption]

When it comes to moving up in the Entry Draft, the Edmonton Oilers have had less luck than Wanye Gretz trying to convince the hottest girl -- any girl -- in high school to give him her phone number. In other words, no sniff.

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