The Rebuild Conundrum, Part I

Jonathan Willis
March 09 2010 09:37AM

Fans of the Edmonton Oilers appear to be remarkably accepting of a rebuild. The examples of franchises it works for (Pittsburgh and Chicago, to name two) are compelling, and it’s easy to look at those teams, envy their success, and decide that following their route to the top is the way to go.

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Deep Thoughts XVI: Don't say I don't care

Robin Brownlee
March 08 2010 07:23PM

NHL 2010 - Anaheim Ducks vs Edmonton Oilers

With the Edmonton Oilers winning two straight games to move within four points of the Toronto Maple Leafs atop the Dive For Five, it's time for me to write about how well Jeff Deslauriers has been playing.

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Oilers vs. Devils Postgame: Beautiful

Jonathan Willis
March 08 2010 12:01AM

The New Jersey Devils are an excellent hockey club, in just about every way. Martin Brodeur’s in the twilight of his phenomenal career, but he’s still an above average NHL starter and arguably the game’s best puck-mover. Jacques Lemaire’s methods may never be popular, but they’re undeniably effective. And the forward corps features a surprising amount of firepower: Kovalchuk, Parise, Elias, Zajac, Rolston, Langenbrunner. Like I said, they’re a good team.

And the Oilers beat them cleanly tonight.

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GDB LXV: On streaks and streaking

Jason Gregor
March 07 2010 11:55AM

Did you know the Oilers have only won consecutive home games twice this year? They won four straight in October on the 10th, 16th, 19th and 22nd, and they didn’t win two straight at home again until Feb 1st and 3rd over the Hurricanes and Flyers.

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Eberle Slated For Springfield

Jonathan Willis
March 06 2010 06:21PM

IIHF World Junior Championship - Canada v USA - Gold Medal Game

In what must be regarded as a surprise move, the Edmonton Oilers appear to have decided against adding Jordan Eberle to their line-up for the remainder of the season. Once the WHL season concludes, Eberle will play professional hockey, but he’ll do it with the Springfield Falcons of the American Hockey League.

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