May 19 2012 08:10AM

The Oilers have decided to bring in another coach to save the day. Before we begin to discuss the new coach, let's ask a simple question: what did Tom Renney do wrong?

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Robin Brownlee
May 18 2012 03:57PM

A day after the Edmonton Oilers tied the can to Tom Renney, I'm still convinced Brent Sutter is the leading candidate to replace him as head coach. Being the "leading candidate" doesn't, however, necessarily translate to Sutter being a slam-dunk.

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NHLNumbers Logo Contest

Kent Wilson
May 18 2012 01:53PM



With the launch of the new NHLNumbers blog and the continued development of the site's resources and functions, we figured it's time to update the graphics around here. Specifically, we're looking for a new logo for the site.

Now, we could have gone to some pro graphic designer and spent thousands of dollars only to be slightly disappointed by the outcome, but instead we're opening up the project to the Nation readers instead.

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Jason Strudwick
May 18 2012 09:22AM

Today the Oilers finally announced that Tom Renney would not be returning as coach next year. Although I don't agree with the amount of time it took to make the decision, the outcome is the same for both Renney and the organization as if it had been done a day after the last game. Tom is now searching for a new spot to coach and the Oilers are looking for a new coach.

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Robin Brownlee
May 17 2012 06:07PM

How many coaches does Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini get to send down the road before he takes the fall and joins them on the unemployment line? I'd hope Tambellini reached his limit with today's announcement Tom Renney won't be back.

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