Robin Brownlee
May 17 2012 06:07PM

How many coaches does Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini get to send down the road before he takes the fall and joins them on the unemployment line? I'd hope Tambellini reached his limit with today's announcement Tom Renney won't be back.

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May 17 2012 05:54PM

Today's result in the WHC is a great disappointment. Canada lost and the young gun Oilers are on summer break. What's an Oiler fan to do? Cheer for Finland of course!!

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Jason Gregor
May 17 2012 03:49PM

The Oilers have made it official, Tom Renney will not be returning next season. They announced it on their twitter feed earlier this hour.

"Edmonton Oilers General Manager Steve Tambellini announces the club will not renew the contract of Head Coach Tom Renney."

With every passing day it became more clear that Renney wasn't returning. I find it interesting that they made the announcement hours after Team Canada was eliminated from the World Championships.

Do you agree with this move, who would you replace him with?

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Robin Brownlee
May 17 2012 03:31PM

Now that Canada is out at the World Championships with a loss to the, ahem, powerhouse Slovakians, might we be hearing in the next few days that Tom Renney is out as coach of the Edmonton Oilers?

While there's still no indication of a pending announcement from the Oilers media relations staff, the timing is right for GM Steve Tambellini, who was at the World Championship, to fit a news conference announcing Renney is out clarifying the coaching situation into his busy agenda before he jets off for the NHL combine in Toronto May 28.

Renney has been left to twist long enough. The question now, as Eric Francis of the Calgary Sun tweeted this morning, does Canada's elimination at the WC make selling coach Brent Sutter as Renney's replacement a more difficult pitch than it should have been to already disgruntled Oilers fans?

Stay tuned.

UPDATE @3:25:

According to the Oilers Twitter feed, Renney will not be back as coach. More to come . . .

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Is there any reason the Edmonton Oilers can’t address the defense with their second pick?

Jonathan Willis
May 17 2012 12:08PM

In recent years, the Oilers have a pattern of addressing defense relatively early in the draft. With Nail Yakupov far-and-away the consensus choice for first overall, is that something they should look at doing again, perhaps with their second round pick?

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