UPDATED: Monday morning musings

Jason Gregor
December 14 2009 11:40AM

After a weekend of hibernating, what else is there to do when Edmonton is the second coldest place in the world (someplace in Siberia was two degrees colder Saturday night)? Let’s find out what exactly is going on in Oilerville and the league.

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The Remarkable Devan Dubnyk

Jonathan Willis
December 12 2009 12:35PM

I’m a skeptic about the value of drafting and developing goaltenders. I think their development is slower and less reliable than that of other prospects. I think they’re cheap and readily available from Europe or via free agency. With all that out of the way, the Oilers may have a gem in Devan Dubnyk.

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Oilers vs. Blues Postgame: Record Setters

Jonathan Willis
December 11 2009 11:25PM

Oilers: 5

Blues: 3

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GDB XXXII: On streaking and 'Oilothymia'

Jason Gregor
December 11 2009 11:06AM

It was only a week ago that many were calling for the Dive For Five, but today you're looking at a potential five-game winning streak that would put the Oilers one point out of the playoffs. How did this happen? Chalk it up to Oilothymia.

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A city in ruins

December 11 2009 09:39AM

We had the chance to read Brownlee's uplifting article a few days back and we had another reason to be happy we left town — we are unfamiliar with the locations of suicide stations over here in Europe and so the show had to go on.

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