The Visnovsky Effect

Jonathan Willis
March 06 2009 11:34AM

Visnovsky Nash

The loss of Lubomir Visnovsky to injury has had a major impact on this team.

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Line Matchups Vs. The Senators

Jonathan Willis
March 06 2009 09:49AM

Zach Attack

Let’s review how Craig MacTavish deployed his forward lines last night.

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Stats Schmats

Amber McCormick
March 06 2009 08:40AM


While most of the nerds in the Nerdery are busy calculating points, figuring stats... zzzzzzzzzzzz. Pardon me, I must have dozed off. It’s no secret that I could give a rat’s ass about stats. Numbers are, you know, hard. 

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GDB 64: Welcome the new kids

March 05 2009 05:15PM


Sometimes we get so busy reading this site we forget that we are technically a writer on here.

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Willis vs. Eklund vs. Koules: The Results

Jonathan Willis
March 05 2009 01:04PM


Some of you may remember that back in November, Eklund put out a list of 25 players most likely to be traded (the list actually had 29 players on it, but whatever). His list was allegedly founded on insider information, as with all of his trade rumours.

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