Paradigm shift

Jonathan Willis
January 19 2009 03:47PM

I think it's a universal truth that we view life through the lens of our own experience. One of the best things I find about reading a variety of different takes on the same subject is challenging my own preconceived notions

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Monday morning confessions

January 19 2009 09:45AM

We have to confess that we are WAY too young for any sort of understanding of this “Hall and Oates” that was bumping on the PPV last night.

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GDB 45: Vincent Lecavalier

Jonathan Willis
January 18 2009 01:04PM

As we wait for the game against the Coyotes to begin, let’s consider two players over the past two seasons. Both are gritty, have good size, and are well-known and often mentioned as Top-10 players.

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AHL Prospect Rankings: #17 – Bryan Young

Jonathan Willis
January 18 2009 01:00PM

Bryan Young was a fifth round pick in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft, and could very well have the least offensive touch of any player in the Edmonton Oilers’ system.

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Oilers Trade Garon to Pittsburgh

Jonathan Willis
January 17 2009 01:55PM

Well, we’ve seen the first real trade of the Steve Tambellini era.

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