Shopping List

October 25 2010 06:28PM

This is Wayne Cashman. He was a load. Tough in the corners, a mile past filthy and skilled enough to run with Esposito. A "Cashman-type" is at the top of the shopping list for the current Edmonton Oilers. Along with "????? to Hall" and "amazing stop by ????" and "Oilers most complete defenseman" is the need for a guy just like Wayne Cashman.

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Robin Brownlee
October 25 2010 06:20PM

Remember the kerfuffle in Cowtown this month when player-turned-TV-guy Mike Peca said Jay Bouwmeester was easy to play against and, essentially, soft? The Edmonton Oilers have a team full of players just like that.

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October 25 2010 04:59PM


This is Issac Newton. In addition to discovering gravity, he developed quadratic equations and famously invented the number '3.' "It was an obvious thing to do" he would later explain, "there was such a big opportunity between 2 and 4. It was only a matter of time between someone closed the gap."

Much like Newton, the Nation Network has also advanced Science by 100 years - bringing leading salary website into the fold.

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Jason Gregor
October 25 2010 09:27AM

It is very early in the NHL season, but this morning the Oilers find themselves on a four game losing streak and sitting in 30th place. They have three games in hand on the Devils, and sit one point back of them, but I don't think any player thought they'd be in 30th six games into the season.

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Barons on TV Today!

October 24 2010 08:18AM

Each week, I do an update on Oilers prospects who are making noise in leagues below the NHL. It was designed to be a rotating update, 8-10 players per week in an effort to (eventually) touch base with all of the club's good prospects. It is quickly becoming the Martin Marincin weekly update. The kid from Kosice is something else. 

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