Around the ‘Sphere: What I Missed While I Went Camping

Jonathan Willis
July 06 2009 12:03AM


I hope everyone had a great weekend.

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Another opinion for Grebeshkov?

Robin Brownlee
July 05 2009 08:02PM

It's obvious the Edmonton Oilers and defenceman Denis Grebeshkov aren't as close to a done deal fans as we've been led to believe in reports that have been circulating for weeks.

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New arena: nothing to do with Heatley

July 03 2009 04:34PM


I have some news that -- blessedly -- has nothing to do with Dany "WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAH" Heatley. One of the members of my crack team of visual designers at the day-job was just sent this fabulous little gem about the Oil probably getting a new arena.

Note that this is still JUST RUMOUR. But it's compelling and sexy nonetheless.

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Rising from the ashes

July 03 2009 12:28PM

You would think that in the wake of the Dany Heatley debacle, Oilers fans and Edmontonians would be standing in line to lie down on the proverbial train tracks and wait for the 12:15 Express to roll by and end all the suffering.

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Dany Heatley: next steps and options

Jason Gregor
July 02 2009 12:37PM


The Oilers haven’t backed off from acquiring Dany Heatley, but it sounds like they will have to sweeten the pot if they are going to get him out of Ottawa. The price has just went up according to Sens GM Bryan Murray.

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