NHL12 - Be a Gm Quirks

Kent Wilson
September 13 2011 12:59PM



EA Sports released their much anticipated NHL12 today. Reviews and reports of game play/mechanics have been trickling in on my twitetr feed today, some of which I have decided to share. Apparently EA has gotten quite clever with this iteration and the "Be a GM" game mode hides some rather idiosyncratic quirks and pitfalls.

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Birth of a Nation

September 12 2011 10:41PM

This is Jim Harrison. In the weeks leading up to his signing, Bill Hunter announced the team's name (Alberta Oilers) and the first two player signings (Bob Falkenberg and Jim Benzelock). More than any single event in the birth of the Oilers, the signing of Jim Harrison--away from Toronto's Maple Leafs and under "mysterious" circumstances--marked the beginning of one of hockey's greatest franchises.

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September 12 2011 06:39PM

Last week was a sombre time for many folks. Between the horrific KHL plane crash and the 10th anniversary of 9/11 it didn't seem quite the time to have a good laugh at the expense of others. But this Monday brings the start of a new week and a return to normalcy.

Others: prepare to be laughed at.


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Robin Brownlee
September 12 2011 05:49PM

The Edmonton Oilers have a surplus of bodies and some difficult decisions to make about their men in the middle this season, and it's an issue that will likely be more pressing by the time training camp rolls around in 2012 unless GM Steve Tambellini begins thinning the herd.

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There shouldn't be fighting in prospect games

Cam Charron
September 12 2011 10:52AM



The scene: After a hard-fought prospects game at one of the many preseason tournaments sprouting up across North America, a progressive coach brings a player into his office to discuss the fighting major the player earned the night before in the second period of a 5-1 hockey game.

"Oh, hey, it's good to see you showed up. I wanted to call you in here with regards to that fight that you had last night in our prospects game.

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