Oilers play the Hurricanes tonight

January 18 2008 12:00PM

Out of respect to the last time these teams met, we won't write about the game tonight. Instead we leave you with this video.

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The guy who signed Ovechkin is hilariously out of touch

January 18 2008 10:43AM


So we were listening to CHED last night, racing home to catch the early 5pm start (damn you to hell, Eastern Standard Tme) and Morley Scott interviews Caps owner Ted "Teddy" Leonsis, an AOL muckity muck who also owns the Washington Wizards.

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Oilers lose in shootout, Jani Rita blamed

January 18 2008 09:57AM


What exactly are we supposed to feel after the 5-4 shootout loss against the caps?

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Young guns, or just young?

January 18 2008 12:41AM


The Edmonton Oilers are a young team, the third youngest in the league.

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Lord Pennyton von Cash rolls into town

January 17 2008 10:27AM


Well well well!

Mr “I-don’t-need-an-agent” is here.

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