Gregor discusses the season with Horcoff

Jason Gregor
April 09 2009 03:42PM

Horcoff scores on a hapless goalie

You know that feeling of dread when you stroll up to a party of your better half’s co-workers, or going out with your buddy after his wife/gf just dumped him, or your annual evaluation with the boss. You walk in wishing you could be somewhere else.

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Already gone

Robin Brownlee
April 09 2009 03:02PM

Craig MacTavish: you're fired

Craig MacTavish is telegraphing the shot I expect he'll deliver not long after the Edmonton Oilers play out the string against the Calgary Flames Saturday, namely that he'll resign as coach.

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Seeing it through

April 09 2009 01:20PM

Ah the Oilers. Only one team in the known universe could inspire such a diverse cornucopia of emoticons amongst its devout following. Take our boy Max for example. He sent us the video above a few days ago when we still had positivity coursing through our veins.

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Rumours That Make No Sense: Ambuhl to Edmonton

Jonathan Willis
April 09 2009 01:06PM


On the same day that reports out of Europe indicated that Linus Omark had spurned the Oilers contract offer to sign on with Moscow Dynamo, Swiss hockey magazine Slapshot reported that the Oilers (along with Chicago and Toronto) were pursuing undrafted Swiss forward Andres Ambuhl (h/t HFBoards).

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Dan Barnes’ Must-Read Column

Jonathan Willis
April 09 2009 09:38AM


As happens with astonishing regularity, Dan Barnes has once again written a must-read piece on the future of the Edmonton Oilers. It’s both wide-ranging and incriminating of much of the roster, although I’m only going to focus on a couple of excerpts.

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