Cornet Rising

October 22 2011 06:51AM

Deep into Stu MacGregor's first draft as the Oilers scouting director, the club called the name Phil Cornet. The selection took place at a point in the draft where expectations are low, but Cornet (in his second year pro) is an emerging talent in OKC. 

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Robin Brownlee
October 21 2011 06:14PM

Coaches preaching defence-first hockey to their players aren't the exception, they're the rule. Tom Renney of the Edmonton Oilers isn't different or odd or out in left field by insisting on that approach.

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Running Their Show?

October 21 2011 07:46AM

One of the popular phrases in Oilerville is "getting their show run" in reference to the Oilers being unable to execute and match the physical play of their opposition. Is that a phrase we can apply to coach Tom Renney, too?  

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Jason Gregor
October 20 2011 12:01PM


If you haven't seen the movie you probably assumed it was about the great chess player Bobby Fischer. It wasn't, it was based on the life of chess prodigy, Josh Waitzkins. Basically his teacher wanted him to be like Fischer. Waitzkins didn't have Fishcer's meanstreak and wins with more diplomacy. I had no clue there was sportsmanship in chess. I guess hitting the timer button to hard is unsportsmanlike. 

At times hockey is like a chess match, especially when you are a playing defence. You try to read and anticipate what the offensive players will do, and this year the Oilers have been very good in their own zone, however, they've only scored once in three of their five games. Usually they are attacking like pawns, with limited moves, but they will need to start incorporating some strategy similar to a Bishop, Rook or Queen if they plan on scoring.

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The 2011 Draft Class, So Far

Jonathan Willis
October 20 2011 11:32AM

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins has been very good early in the 2011-12 season, but he isn’t the only player from his draft class making an NHL splash. After the jump, a quick recap of the players selected in 2011 currently playing in the NHL.

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