Burke and Lowe: Battle of the Bottom-Feeders

Robin Brownlee
December 03 2009 12:33PM

When Brian Burke and Kevin Lowe started in on each other in the summer of 2007, it was a case of two relative hockey heavyweights exchanging verbal haymakers in an over-the-top barrage that filled notepads and polarized fans in Anaheim and Edmonton.

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NationDraft Update: Two Weeks!

The Towel Boy
December 03 2009 11:07AM


I was looking at my naked girl wall calendar this morning, marveling how awesomely December it is, when I noticed a couple things:  

1.  My birthday falls on a Sunday this year (lame).

2.  I bet that's not her real hair colour. 

3.  I haven't done a Team 1260 NationDraft update in TWOooo WEEeeeKS!!

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Finally some hockey

December 02 2009 09:30AM

It took us almost two full weeks but we finally got to watch some hockey. Now granted it wasn't the NHL, instead we witnessed the German Elite league as Addler Mannheim played Eisbaren Berlin on the ol' German sports bar TV.

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December 01 2009 12:42PM

Instead of writing an article about how the turn of events in the 2009-10 Oilers season makes us want to have a hoot from the exhaust pipe of the WanyeMobile™, how about your ol' pal Wanye tells you about his trip to Amsterdam while we sit on a bus to Switzerland, looking out the window and worrying about a hockey team half a world away?

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In Tambellini's Boots

Jonathan Willis
December 01 2009 07:27AM

Yesterday, Robin Brownlee mentioned briefly the moves he’d be working on in the G.M.’s boots (pictured above). The following is my list.  If I've had one rule in making up my list, it's this one: don't sell low.

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