May 10 2012 06:54PM

Back in the olden days, we drove in big, heavy cars that rode low to the ground. These cars did huge damage when they ran into things, and guzzled gas grotesquely. When the gas lines showed up it became difficult to keep these dinosaurs on the road. Old ways gave way to innovation.

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May 09 2012 03:04PM

A little over a year and a half ago the Nation Network added - a leading salary reference site online - into the fold. Since then the team has been hard at work rebuilding the site, retooling the machinery that powers things behind the scenes and are now ready to go forward with the second stage of the plan.

It's slow going to be sure - but we are gradually making headway in what we consider to be one of the most important jobs in building the Nation Network: contributing to the community of stats folks and giving them new tools and new resources to continue building an important part of following the NHL in the year 2012.

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Jason Gregor
May 09 2012 01:39PM

As teams drop from the playoffs, we slowly start to focus more on the draft and free agency. The Nashville Predators swung for the fences at the trade deadline, but like most teams who take a risk on deadline day, they came up short. The Preds traded away their 1st and 2nd round picks for Paul Gaustad and Hal Gill, in hopes of a long playoff run as well as increasing their chances to re-sign Ryan Suter.

They struck out on a long playoff run, and right now no one really knows if Suter will stay. What I do know is that the Oilers won't be in the running for him.

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The Upside To Finishing Eighth

Jonathan Willis
May 09 2012 10:02AM

Edmonton Oilers’ fans are familiar with the annual tradition of just barely squeaking into the playoffs. Prior to the new tradition of being the worst team in the league, it was an Oilers’ standby for years.

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May 08 2012 09:38PM

The Edmonton Oilers scouting staff have delivered an impressive group with the 32 bullets fired in the last four years. In our latest look at the Oilers and the draft, we'll talk about where the organization procures their talent.

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