Jason Gregor
October 28 2010 03:49PM

The game many of us grew up playing or watching will once again have to face one of its deepest and darkest secrets now that Graham James is back in Canada. This time around, I hope the hockey world embraces the victims and sets the stage for other victims to come forward because the hockey world will support them too.

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GDB 8.0: Oil in Columbus

October 28 2010 12:42PM

Columbus is the 4th largest city in the Amercian midwest. Named after Christopher Columbus (who owned a Starbucks downtown), it was recently ranked as the 18th best place in the USA for a woman to find a useful male.

Rascal Flatts are from Columbus, Joe Walsh and Dwight Yoakam too. Jesse Owens and Jack Nicklaus are from Columbus. The great Beverly D'angelo is from Columbus, Ohio. Entertaining hockey is also available from time to time in Columbus. 

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October 28 2010 12:19PM

The Nation is a place for ice hockey discussion, squee fests and a forum for smart people to debate non-sensery. We make an appeal to those brains now as we have just watched a video of an Irish Film maker who claims to have caught wind of a time traveller in a Charlie Chaplin Movie.

As crazy as that sounds we can't say we quite make sense of what we are watching either. So we turn it over to the Nation for debate - though it clearly has nothing to do with Ice Hockey.

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October 27 2010 04:41PM

Many moons ago, prior to the litany of calendar reforms of various Emperors of Rome, November was the 9th month of the Roman Calendar. Because 'nine' in Latin is pronounced "November" the month got it's name and very little has changed since. 

43,000 years later, Western Society has decided to go against the expressed orders of the Roman Emperors and rename the thing Movember. Why? For charity it seems.

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Taylor Hall: Advanced Statistics

Jonathan Willis
October 27 2010 04:01PM

EDMONTON, CANADA - OCTOBER 16: Edmonton Oilers left wing Taylor Hall  warms up before a game against the Calgary Flames at the Scotiabank Saddledome on October 16, 2010 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Flames beat the Oilers 5-3. (Photo by Dylan Lynch/Getty Images)

By eye, Taylor Hall is an NHL player. This is what I think, and it’s certainly the consensus opinion among editorialists in the mainstream media. Despite that opinion, Hall’s stats line remains underwhelming: seven games played, one point (an assist), and a team-worst minus-4. What do Hall’s underlying numbers suggest?

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