Oilers Vs. Flames: Pathetic In Every Imaginable Way

Jonathan Willis
January 30 2010 11:54PM

Calgary Flames: 6

Edmonton Oilers: 1

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GDB LIII: the mediocre Battle of Alberta

January 30 2010 05:21PM

If the image above were even remotely true, the mediocre Oilers would feel empowered, even emboldened by their shameful performance over the last, oh, two months. But with 12 losses in a row, mediocre's probably too generous a word.

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Hockey Daze in Canada

Jean Lefebvre
January 30 2010 07:49AM

Surely there must be a way for both of the rag-tag Alberta clubs' losing streaks to continue beyond tonight's tilt at One of the The Many Houses Frankie Musil Built.

The Elias Sports Bureau tells us this is already the first National Hockey League contest in more than 22 years to feature a matchup of clubs on winless skids of at least nine games and, goshdarn it, why can't the fun carry on into February?

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Armchair GM VII: Who farted?

Robin Brownlee
January 29 2010 04:25PM

"You stink!" "You stink worse!" This, in essence, is what the Battle of Alberta has come down to. With the Edmonton Oilers winless in 12 games and the Calgary Flames getting no sniff in the last nine, tomorrow night's meeting in Cowtown shapes up like a purse fight. A slapping match.

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Avoiding a baker's dozen

Jason Gregor
January 29 2010 02:19PM

Tomorrow is your playoffs Oiler fans! In case you haven’t noticed, the Oilers won’t make the playoffs for the 4th consecutive season, and are on pace to get their highest draft choice ever.

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