No surprises at Rookie Camp

Jason Gregor
September 09 2009 09:00AM


After spending a weekend ensuring I will need a liver transplant in the future, I spent a few moments at the Oilers rookie camp. There isn’t much to report on from there. Jordan Eberle is the best player at the camp, which is as shocking as Katy Perry telling us that Lady Gaga isn’t a hermaphrodite.

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Rookie Camp: Jordan Eberle Watch

Jonathan Willis
September 08 2009 01:30PM

With the long weekend behind us, preparations for the upcoming season are beginning in earnest. For the Oilers, right now the focus is on the prospects attending the team’s rookie camp.

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The Hollow Men behind the NHLPA coup

Ryan Lambert
September 04 2009 02:12PM


Obviously the turmoil within the Players Association is going to cause a lot of trouble down the road. A lot. A real damn lot. And while it's understandable that most hockey fans are sitting at their computers reading the latest developments with a growing sense of dread that the current CBA will run out and the players will go on strike and effectively kill the league at best, and the sport at worst.

At least we're getting a hell of a show before the league goes all Manhattan Project.

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Radio Ga-Ga II: Bombastic Bob brings the Oilers brand to TEAM 1260

Robin Brownlee
September 04 2009 01:05PM

As Kevin Lowe likes to say, expect the unexpected. I'm guessing that having Bob Stauffer return to TEAM 1260 with a two-hour radio show dedicated to the Edmonton Oilers ranks right up there with Mike Comrie signing on for a second tour in the City of Champions.

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Hockey season approacheth, flanked by big radio news

Jason Gregor
September 04 2009 09:43AM


Going to work on Friday is always a great feeling, unless you are one of those who believe a weekend starts Thursday and you’re hung to the gills this morning, and today you feel even better because it’s a long weekend. But more importantly for sports fans, when you return to work the NHL season will have unofficially begun.

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