Success In Net, Everywhere

Jonathan Willis
November 23 2011 12:55PM

After two years of iffy goaltending at the NHL level, the Edmonton Oilers have been blessed with strong performances from both Nikolai Khabibulin and Devan Dubnyk. It’s not a situation unique to the NHL team, however – at every level, Oilers’ goalies are getting the job done.

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Ryan Jones: Quietly Working On The Unconverted

Jonathan Willis
November 23 2011 10:23AM

It’s no secret that Ryan Jones didn’t get the same admiration and affection from the stats community over his first year with the Oilers that he did with the average fan. The reason was pretty straightforward: despite his superb goal totals, Jones got hammered in the scoring chances department.

This year, however, Jones has put in a performance that pretty much nobody can argue with. If he can play the next 60 like he has the first 20, it’s hard to imagine he’ll have any detractors left.

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Robin Brownlee
November 22 2011 10:18PM

Think Corsi and Fenwick numbers are convoluted and confusing? Don't have a clue what SIUTBOHC means? Easily flummoxed, like I was by the picture above (not really, but I needed an excuse to use it). Just a garden variety knucklehead? There is help.

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November 22 2011 06:19PM


To @ebs_14 may your career be long & riddled with glory. And may your Eberle apparel always sell! - @wanyegretz earlier today

Part chat room, part text messaging - we can't be entirely sure what Twitter is. But it certainly is fun and today marks our 10,000th tweet. Surely to heavens this is a milestone of some sort in the year 2011.

Right? RIGHT?

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Jason Gregor
November 22 2011 01:47PM

The Oilers woke up in Smashville (Nashville) this morning, but they probably felt like they were there last night. The Stars punished the Oilers physically last night, and the Oilers were unable to handle it. The biggest farce in the NHL is the inconsistency from building-to-building regarding hits. Whoever was tracking them last night gave the Stars 47 hits and the Oilers 33. That is ridiculous.

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