Robin Brownlee
May 02 2012 11:25AM

Time and money. Wouldn't all of us like to have more of both? I certainly would, and I'm guessing Ryan Smyth feels the same way. That's why it's far from a slam-dunk Smyth ends up re-signing with the Edmonton Oilers.

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Free Agents: Ryan Smyth, Edmonton Oilers

Jonathan Willis
May 02 2012 08:41AM

Ryan Smyth’s return to the Edmonton Oilers basically took place in three parts. At the start, fans in Edmonton were thrilled when the rumours first surfaced, more thrilled when they realized the cost for Smyth was just Colin Fraser and a seventh round pick. Early in 2011-12 Smyth flourished, scoring 12 times in his first 25 games with the team, and the jubilation persisted. Unfortunately, the scoring disappeared in December and never returned, raising questions about his future with the team.

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Edmonton Oilers Sign Kristians Pelss

Jonathan Willis
May 01 2012 10:45AM

As per the Oilers’ official website, prospect Kristians Pelss has agreed to terms with the team on a three-year entry-level deal.

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May 01 2012 07:04AM

In a perfect world, picking number one overall would come with some kind of guarantee. Something like "by winning this selection and taking X player, we guarantee said player will have a statue outside your building 25 years from today." Sadly, there are no draft guarantees and close only counts in horseshoes. What value DOES the first overall pick give a franchise?

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Should the next coach be young?

Jonathan Willis
April 30 2012 02:33PM

When Pierre Lacroix was named the general manager of the Quebec Nordiques, he inherited a team with a wealth of young talent – a team that had made three first overall picks – and a deficit of recent success. One of his first priorities was to hire a new coach for the team; he hired a bright 33-year old named Marc Crawford who had never coached in the NHL. Why Crawford?

Simple: it was a young team and Lacroix wanted a young coach.

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