Jason Gregor
March 18 2012 11:14AM

After a convincing BOA victory on Friday night and then celebrating St. Paddy's all day yesterday, I'm sure many of you feel like like "ass" this morning. The last 48 hours have been great in Oilersnation. The Oilers crushed the Flames on Friday and last night the Sharks, Avs and Kings all won, so the Flames find themselves in 11th place this morning.

The only negative was watching Taylor Hall get concussed after losing an edge and having Cory Sarich's hip slam into his head. Hall wasn't on the ice this morning and since Tom Renney said he was concussed, he'll be out at least a week, if not longer.

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Nation Radio - March 17, 2012

March 18 2012 11:09AM

After another glorious victory over the sinking Calgary Flames, there was little else to do Saturday but sit back and gloat. Oh, and talk about Oilers prospects, advanced analytics and...

This is Nation Radio.

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It's Go Time

March 18 2012 10:05AM

This is Donny Murdoch. He was one of very many wingers who auditioned for the job as "Gretzky to..." before Slats found Kurri. I think we're entering the period of time when the Edmonton Oilers will attempt to find strong matches for Eberle, RNH and Hall. The three kids have chemistry, but as time rolls along the coaching staff will need to find two useful scoring lines to send over the boards every night. That's the challenge for Tom Renney.

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Robin Brownlee
March 17 2012 04:51PM

All things considered, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins has exceeded each and every expectation I had going into his first NHL season through the 51 games he's played with the Edmonton Oilers.

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Tom Renney’s Post-Game Vs. Calgary

Jonathan Willis
March 17 2012 10:53AM

I don’t usually do this, but Tom Renney’s post-game presser last night had a lot of interesting points that I thought deserved a little further attention. Let’s look at what the coach had to say.

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