Ryan Suter to... the Oilers?

January 21 2012 12:06AM

Pick that jaw up off the floor yet? Feel like you just popped a viagra and could "go for hours" after hearing that little gem? Now I don't know what kind of track record Marty McSorley has with this kind of thing, but you just HAVE to KNOW that he has some connections inside the Oilers management group...right? So then, it wouldn't be completely out of the question to assume that he may know that Lowe/Tambellini plan to push hard on a Ryan Suter deal...would it?

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Why Firing Tom Renney Would Be Asinine

Jonathan Willis
January 20 2012 12:08PM

Is there a problem with your NHL team? Are your players looking lackadaisical on the ice? Are you suffering through third period meltdowns, special teams inefficiencies, goaltending problems, a lack of toughness, a lack of discipline, or any other malady at all?

Some will tell you that these problems can only be solved by bringing in different players, or making carefully calculated choices that over time will improve your team. THESE PEOPLE ARE WRONG.

No, there’s a simple solution, guaranteed to cure any malady: Fire the coach!

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January 20 2012 01:45AM

With nothing more than a quick two hour flight, we traded the 30 degree heat and insane scooter traffic of Ho Chi Minh City for the 6 degree heat and insane scooter traffic of Hanoi. The second leg of our trip had begun whether we were prepared for it or not.

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January 19 2012 09:00PM

This is Miro Satan. Darcy Regier once said “with young players there’s a window of opportunity, especially ones with skill. You don’t know if you’ll be able to help them find the switch in time before the window closes. Some make it, some don’t … some just squeeze through and that’s the game we all play”.  The Oilers grew impatient with him and sent him away, and Satan's window flew open in Buffalo and he laid waste to NHL goalies for a decade.

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Jason Gregor
January 19 2012 10:33AM

The Oilers are banged up, cut up and beat up, but they'll try to shut up their critics for one night as they take on the surging St. Louis Blues. The Blues are 21-5-6 under Ken Hitchcock, while Jaroslav Halak is 9-0-3 since November 22nd. The Blues sit 4th overall in the NHL with 60 points, while the Oilers now sit in 29th with 38. On paper this looks like a huge mismatch, but the Oilers have surprisingly been very competitive against top teams this year.

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