GDB XXV: Coping with Kopitar

Jason Gregor
November 25 2009 01:14PM

If the Oilers can keep Anze Kopitar from lighting the lamp they will have a good chance the win. Kopitar leads the NHL in scoring, with 14 goals and 33 points, but when he scores a goal the King’s chance of winning is exceptional.

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Foggy London Towne

November 25 2009 11:08AM

Warning: this article isn't about the Edmonton Oilers Ice Hockey Club, their penalty killing unit efficiency or quality of opposition statistics. Instead it is about our wanderings overseas and the beers we have crushed. You've been warned, I'm a Scientist!

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So it's a footie match, is it?

November 24 2009 01:29PM

Before we left on our trip, our sole European Friend — a Brit — advised us: "Wanye, if you're going to go to Europe you HAVE to try to hit up a soccer game. Only don't call it soccer, call it football. Or footie works even better. Calling it soccer there is like calling it Ice Hockey over here. Don't embarrass yourself for heaven's sakes." 

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Oilers vs. Coyotes Postgame: Wasn’t That Nice?

Jonathan Willis
November 24 2009 07:00AM

Edmonton Oilers: 4

Phoenix Coyotes: 0

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Culture club: Between a rock and an entitled place

Robin Brownlee
November 23 2009 03:28PM

The challenge with changing the culture of the Edmonton Oilers, and that's exactly what needs to be done if this flailing franchise is going to reverse its fortunes, is that doing so hinges on the veteran core of the team.

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