June 09 2011 12:06AM

Having been outscored 12-1 in the past two ice hockey matches and now tied in the series at two games apiece. That dead quiet you hear on the West Coast tonight is the shocked silence of hard core Canucks fans and the vacuum of tens of thousands of bandwagon fans who have suddenly disappeared.

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Simply The Best

June 07 2011 07:37PM

This is Shawn Horcoff before the turn of the century. Although many Oiler fans have been calling for his head since 2007, Horcoff remains the best center in town. Will that change any time soon? 

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June 07 2011 11:49AM

"If ever there was a time for a good ol' fashioned comeback this would be it. Win G3 for heavens sakes Boston you owe it to humanity." - Baron von Wanye von Gretzelstein IV, CMA , yesterday.

What a wonderful turn of events. Bigups to @NHL_imagineer for another great pic. This guy brings it almost as hard as the Bruins did last night.

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Jason Gregor
June 06 2011 11:04PM

During the first intermission of game three Don Cherry brought up an interesting angle when discussing the crushing Aaron Rome hit on Nathan Horton. Clearly Rome hit him late, and he'll likely get suspended, although with the NHL's track record you never know. Grapes brought up an idea that I think has some merit.

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June 06 2011 03:32PM

Rumours of our demise on Twitter have been greatly exaggerated. But judging by the facts that we have returned to a 2-0 series lead for the Canucks, the rapture may be closer than we would care to admit.

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