June 10 2010 09:22AM

Jason Gregor made the following claim on Facebook yesterday afternoon: "Flyers will win and game seven goes Friday. Nothing better than game seven...at least in the sports world."

Heh heh heh.


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June 09 2010 03:35PM

Jason Gregor mentioned recently that the new 'history will be made' ads put forth into the world by the NHL were one of the finest marketing efforts by the NHL in recent years. While we certainly agree, we thought you might like to see where the bar is currently being set, miles above backwards footage of NHL games.

Behold the Nike "write the future campaign" for the World Cup of Soccer.

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Jason Gregor
June 09 2010 11:35AM

The best thing the NHL has done in a long time are these “History will be Made” commercials. They are easy to mimic, which fans have done a thousand times over, and the old footage is great way to visit memory lane. Their up-to-dates ones are pretty decent as well. After game five they came up with the one above.

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Expectations of Omark

Jason Gregor
June 08 2010 06:42AM

05940811 date 22 05 2010 Copyright imago SMRFOTO 22 05 2010 Cologne Ice hockey World Cup Semi-finals Sweden The Czech Republic v l Johan Harju SWE and Linus Omark SWE cheer After the goal to 1 0 Photo SMRFOTO 22 05 2010 Cologne Ice hockey World Cup Semi-finals Sweden The Czech Republic Ice hockey men World Cup National team international match Semi-finals Cologne Action shot Vdig 2010 horizontal premiumd Cologne Cologne Hockey IceHockey Ice hockey World Cup World Cup World Championship IIHF Semi-finals Semi Final Semi-finals 1 2 Final Semi Final Sweden Sweden Sverige SWE The Czech Republic Czech CZE.

Only seventeen days until we know if it will be Tyler or Taylor, but that won’t be the end of the debates in Oilerville, in fact; it’s just the beginning. After June 25th there will be plenty of other players/situations to discuss, including Jordan Eberle.

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June 07 2010 05:26PM

What a wonderful hockey match last night. Hat tip to Ross Creek for the photograph suggestion.

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