In the community, beating the Heat

November 23 2009 02:42PM

There was a certain trade that was talked about this past summer that never came to fruition. It was a trade that involved three of the boys in copper and blue — Dustin Penner, Andrew Cogliano, and Ladislav Smid. In exchange for these three soldiers of fortune, the Oilers were to acquire a certain someone from the Ottawa Senators who now plays for the San Jose Sharks. Let's call that certain someone "The Heat."

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GDB XXIV: Roadkill, anyone?

Jason Gregor
November 23 2009 01:52PM

If history shows us anything, then the Oilers have a great chance of winning tonight. The Oilers are 21-6-3 in their last 21 home games against the Coyotes, but in most of the seasons the Oilers were better in the standings.

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Hold on, Tambo alarmists

Jason Gregor
November 23 2009 09:11AM

The Oilers get schooled by the Chicago Blackhawks, combined with an article by Dan Rosen and suddenly some people — including OilersNation's Jonathan Willis — believe that Steve Tambellini is an awful GM and that his job should be in jeopardy.

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Steve Tambellini: It's Injuries, Guys

Jonathan Willis
November 22 2009 10:16AM

Vancouver Canucks

There's an interesting article up on this morning, and Oilers' GM Steve Tambellini talks at some length about his team and the problems facing them.

I should warn you: he sounds pretty happy with his team.

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Oilers vs. Blackhawks Postgame: Mismatch

Jonathan Willis
November 22 2009 12:01AM

Chicago Blackhawks: 5

Edmonton Oilers: 2

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