Earl brings the news!

August 27 2011 09:02AM

The flurry of free agent signings and trades Steve Tambellini negotiated on July 1st has taken a lot of time to digest. Even now we're mulling over lines and pairings, and one California blogger has uncovered something you should know about Andy Sutton. Don't worry, it's good.

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Robin Brownlee
August 25 2011 09:19PM

If I was putting together the next edition of the Edmonton Oilers, Teemu Hartikainen would be on the 23-man roster. But I'm not, and I doubt he will be when the 2011-12 season opens, despite what I considered an impressive debut last season.

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Robin Brownlee
August 24 2011 10:54PM

What if Ryan Whitney's right ankle doesn't hold up? That's a question that's been rattling around my cranium since I interviewed Whitney on Aug. 13. I'm guessing it's a question that Edmonton Oilers GM Steve Tambellini has asked as well. Of that, I can't say for sure.

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He Comes from the Land of Ice and Snow

August 24 2011 05:12PM

You can go a long time between scouting reports like the one boasted by Anton Lander. He's touted as an exceptional defensive forward, a man who can post up some offense but will make his living on the defensive side of the puck. His skills are unique, and in this way he has a very good chance of being a "long term" Oiler during a very nice decade for hockey in Edmonton.

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The Far Side of the Roster

Jonathan Willis
August 24 2011 02:20AM

The Oilers let some useful pieces go this summer. Kevin Montgomery, the young and still promising defenseman acquired from Colorado at last season’s trade deadline, was one. Others include long-time prospect Colin McDonald, fresh off a 40-goal season in the AHL, as well as a pair of high-profile ‘tweeners in Greg Stewart and Ben Ondrus.

Why wouldn’t the Oilers bring these guys back?

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