Robin Brownlee
May 03 2012 09:24PM

How big a break did the Edmonton Oilers get by winning the lottery for the 2012 NHL Entry Draft and the right to make their third consecutive first overall pick by snatching it from the Columbus Blue Jackets? Very big.

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It is good to be the WHL King!

Jason Strudwick
May 03 2012 06:10PM


In 93-94, I was an 18 year-old kid playing his first year of junior with the Kamloops Blazers. The team was supposed to be building up to compete for the WHL championship and Memorial cup (or Mem cup as Gregor likes to say) for the following year, but the young group matured quickly. Early into the second half of the season, we knew we could do it a year early.

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The Edmonton Oilers’ 50-man list

Jonathan Willis
May 03 2012 12:56PM

We’ve talked a little bit in the last few days about the Oilers’ 50-man list. What does it look like now? What should it look like going forward? Is it valid to worry about how much room there is on it, or is that a red herring?

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Free Agents: Zach Parise, New Jersey Devils

Jonathan Willis
May 03 2012 09:17AM

The New Jersey Devils are in a situation that no team likes to find itself in. Zach Parise’s contract expires this summer, and not only does he look likely to test the market but he also seems a safe bet as the NHL’s most sought-after forward.

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May 02 2012 08:18PM

Months are giving way to weeks and eventually weeks will fade into days. The 2012 Entry draft--with the Edmonton Oilers once again at the bow. Ironically, it's the rear end that's likely to get a lot of attention.

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