Springfield Falcons Scoring Numbers

Jonathan Willis
August 30 2009 11:49AM


I recently received an Excel file from Gabriel Desjardins (of Behind the Net). He’d run my quality of competition method for the entire AHL, and was sending me the results. He also included the 5-on-5 and 5-on-4 scoring breakdowns for all of the players; what follows is the even-strength and powerplay scoring for the Springfield Falcons forwards.

Also included are new Falcons Chris Minard and Kip Brennan.

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Zack Stortini As A Fighter

Jonathan Willis
August 29 2009 12:00PM

The nickname “Huggy Bear” has plagued Zack Stortini since he entered the NHL because of the style with which he fought. Lined up against men like Derek Boogaard and Andrew Peters – rather huge, frightening men – Stortini often resorted to grappling and wrestling. Towards the end of last season, though, things seemed to change.

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FOK: He who signs the cheques makes the rules

Robin Brownlee
August 28 2009 11:17AM


As much of a surprise as all this talk about the Edmonton Oilers having an interest in Mike Comrie should be, it isn't if you allow for the likelihood that owner Daryl Katz has been influencing decisions on the hockey operations side of the business since he took ownership of the team.

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Mike Comrie signs with the Oil?

August 27 2009 03:22PM


Now we don't disagree with Robin Brownlee about anything - ever. It's not because we are scared of him, but more we are scared of the things he would do to us if we ever angered him. Sure we love a good drive by shooting as much the next guy, but we are far too pretty to have our face rearranged by “BC’s most dangerous man 1977.”

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Veteran Coaches

Jonathan Willis
August 27 2009 05:30AM

The hiring of Wayne Fleming continues a trend that we’ve seen with Steve Tambellini: a preference for veterans in the coaching position.

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