Pronger Curse continues in Anaheim, Ducks owner to plead guilty

June 26 2008 09:43AM


It would seem that Henry Samueli, owner of the Ducks and current employer of Chris Pronger – universally agreed to be cursed – is expected to plead guilty this week in a US Federal Court.

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Deal for Daumer

Robin Brownlee
June 24 2008 10:26PM


Bumped from Craig MacTavish's coaching staff to make room for Kelly Buchberger, Rob Daum won't be behind the bench with the Edmonton Oilers this season, but he's staying with the organization.

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You wanna hurt Matt Greene? Try again sucka

June 24 2008 09:08AM


The guy who hit Matt Greene with his SUV in 2006 was sentenced yesterday in an Edmonton Courtroom

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Draft comes, draft goes. Wanye whines

June 23 2008 09:59AM


Well 15 per cent of you who voted in the draft poll were correct. The Oilers done gone and drafted another centreman

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Lost in translation

June 20 2008 10:45AM


By now you’ve probably read that K-Lowe has 22 trade offers sitting in his inbox as we head into the draft.

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