NationDraft Update: TB's back! Alright!!!

The Towel Boy
November 20 2009 11:49AM

I don't know if any of you realized, but there was no Team 1260 NationDraft update last week.  "Why?" you ask?  Well, there's a bit of a story there.  Mostly it involves heavy drinking, a 7 hour road trip and a hockey tournament in small town Saskatchewan with our goalie eventually exclaiming his drunken desire to ride a buffalo.

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Around the league - Nov 19, 2009

Jason Gregor
November 19 2009 11:28AM

Watching the Oilers, Flames and Canucks play in places like Long Island, Atlanta, Tampa and Columbus and then seeing the highlights in many other American cities, it is clear that fans aren’t filling buildings. What can the NHL do?

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Oilers vs. Avalanche Post Game: Rust, Thine Name Is Deslauriers

Jonathan Willis
November 19 2009 12:21AM

Edmonton Oilers: 6

Colorado Avalanche: 4

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First Star, Worst Star: Youtube Edition

November 18 2009 04:21PM

Well, well, well. It appears to me that with Wanye hiding out from the law in parts unknown, that I've officially become the 6th coolest writer on this website. Take that my entire 8th grade class who refused to sign my yearbook! Who's the loser now? *Still me*

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GDB XXII: Preventing another Avalanche

Jason Gregor
November 18 2009 11:49AM

It's quite amusing how after one blow-out loss to Vancouver, many thought the Avalanche bubble had burst, and they were destined for the bottom of the standings. I don’t think they will stay in the top two in the West division, but I don’t see them plummeting to the bottom either.

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