One of these things is not like the other

Jonathan Willis
August 24 2008 02:14PM

There are quite a few guys who signed big-time deals this off-season; most of the contracts were welcomed by each team’s respective fans, much like the Sheldon Souray contract

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From the moment she first held his oversized head, Stortini’s mother knew he’d be trouble

Jonathan Willis
August 22 2008 08:16AM

Perhaps the funniest study I’ve heard about in some time has just been published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society.

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Charles [Wang] in Charge

August 22 2008 08:05AM

Now let's get this straight from the beginning. We love Jonathan Willis.

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Oilers appoint new marketing director

Jonathan Willis
August 21 2008 11:36AM

The Telegraph Journal is reporting today that the Oilers have made another hire with experience with Hockey Canada

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A Canadian son loses his Mom: RIP Mrs Maclean

August 20 2008 11:19PM

Astute reader Fiveandagame was kind enough to send us a tip about a very sad event for a top drawer Canadian today

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