Coldplay and the 2009 Entry Draft

June 19 2009 10:50AM


So last night your ol pal Wanye crushed a couple hundred Bud Lights and went to the Coldplay concert at RX1. Had we known that we were in the midst of one of the biggest events in the history of the OilersNation we would have been thinking deeper thoughts than “Is it wrong to attend Coldplay with another dude cause his girlfriend cancelled at the last minute? Because he is paying for us to attend is this considered a date?”

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What will we wrap fish with when newspapers are gone?

Robin Brownlee
June 18 2009 03:16PM


Short of a Stanley Cup final, covering the NHL Entry Draft used to be the highlight of the season during my newspaper days.

Likewise, between chasing down trade rumours, trying to get the inside dope on who was talking to whom and buzz about top prospects, it was obvious fans couldn't get enough of what scribes would tap out.

Update: By popular demand, we're taking donations to fund Brownlee's Gregor's trip... When you're donating, feel free to suggest what he should do while he's out there. Just click the orange pill thingy.

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Mob beatings and Draft Standings

June 18 2009 02:51PM


Holy crap. The 2008-09 season ends and within seconds the MSM and blogosphere – half crazed from a lack of anything legitimate to discuss – turns on themselves and on each other like a pack of rabid zombie wolves.

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More on Goalies

Jonathan Willis
June 18 2009 01:09PM

Jim Matheosn’s catch-all column today raises interesting points and provides Oilers junkies with some fresh news.

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Can't we all just get along?

Jean Lefebvre
June 18 2009 09:00AM

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Why can't we be friends?"]Why cant we be friends?[/caption]

Without completely being able to explain why, the expression “Shut up” has always seemed nearly as offensive to me as the other two-part exclamation that starts with a certain four-letter word and ends in “off.” And no, the first half of the equation is not “take” or “buzz.”

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