January 10 2012 05:03PM

I've always cheered for the underdog. Along with making me an ideal Oiler fan circa 1991+, it also means that few things in sport make me smile more than things like Corey Power Potterplay's new contract and Gilbert Brule's new lease on life. It should be this way for all of us.

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Jason Gregor
January 10 2012 01:54PM

Dave Gagner played 946 NHL games scoring 318 goals and 719 points over 14 seasons. He scored 40 goals twice, 30 goals four times and 20 in three other seasons. He was even more productive in the playoffs tallying 22 goals and 48 points in 57 games. He was a solid NHLer, but the road to success wasn't easy or quick.

His first four seasons as a pro were split between the AHL, NHL and IHL. From 1985 to 1988 he played 14 games in the IHL, 110 in the AHL and 131 in the NHL. It wasn't until his 5th pro season that he became a regular NHLer, when he exploded for 35 goals and 78 points in 75 games with the Minnesota North Stars.

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Two More Years Of Corey Potter

Jonathan Willis
January 10 2012 11:59AM

A story that broke on Twitter late yesterday has now officially been confirmed by the Edmonton Oilers: defenseman Corey Potter has signed a contract extension for two more seasons.

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What Do You Want For Ales Hemsky?

Jonathan Willis
January 10 2012 02:03AM

Like many others, I believe that Ales Hemsky is very, very close to the end of his time with the Edmonton Oilers. He will be an unrestricted free agent on July 1st, reports about a contract extension have been somewhere between ‘muted’ and ‘non-existent,’ and if there’s one thing a probable lottery club cannot afford to do it is to allow an asset as valuable as Hemsky to walk away for nothing.

So, assuming that Hemsky is going to be dealt, where will he be going and what should the Oilers be looking at in return?

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Robin Brownlee
January 09 2012 07:48PM

No surprise in this corner about the poop hitting the fan after the Edmonton Oilers hit the halfway mark of the season on their hands and knees in a 4-1 loss in Dallas Saturday. Everybody got some on them.

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