Lucky 13: Thoughts Of A Nation

Jonathan Willis
October 09 2010 11:29PM

Thinking on Robin Brownlee’s “Lucky 13” exercise, I realized that it’s more than a contest between the readers and the writers, the bloggers and the professionals, or whatever other distinction one chooses to make. It’s also a chance to see how the readers of Oilers Nation view their team at the dawn of the season.

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October 09 2010 09:46PM


On November 27, 2007 we launched roughly 45 days past our target date of the start of the season. January 28, 2008 we launched, a mere 27 days past our deadline of "New Years or bust." April 10, 2009 saw the launch of completely missing our goal of "catching the wave of playoff drive fever."

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Jason Gregor
October 09 2010 05:35PM

Does the Oilers potential offensive depth rank up there with the greatest in the history of the NHL, or even in Oilers' history? It depends on what you consider to be offensive depth. If you have superstar players, then it is much harder to spread the wealth throughout your lineup. 

But the suggestion that seven 40+ players is unrealistic, or would put the Oilers in a class with the greatest offensive depth ever, is simply incorrect.

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October 09 2010 03:15PM

Saturday afternoons seem as good a time as any to think about people you have wronged during the week, confess what you have done and ask for forgiveness. Here goes nothing.

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Running Back to Saskatoon

October 09 2010 07:53AM

This is Saskatoon. "The City of Bridges." Famous people from Saskatoon include Colby Armstrong, Brent Ashton, Mike Babcock, John Diefenbaker, Pete Friesen, Gordie Howe, Bill Hunter, Keith Magnuson, Joni Mitchell, Farley Mowatt, Jim Pattison, the Northern Pikes, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Shannon Tweed. Our subject today is a current resident of the city.

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