Avoiding a baker's dozen

Jason Gregor
January 29 2010 02:19PM

Tomorrow is your playoffs Oiler fans! In case you haven’t noticed, the Oilers won’t make the playoffs for the 4th consecutive season, and are on pace to get their highest draft choice ever.

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Apparently The Detroit Model Doesn't Work

Jonathan Willis
January 29 2010 12:01PM

Edmonton Oilers v Vancouver Canucks

Steve Tambellini was warmly welcomed by pretty much everyone in Edmonton – not just by the people who hired him, but also by the fans, the local media, and even sceptics like myself. He was part and parcel of the new era promised by Daryl Katz’s ownership, a man unconnected to the Oilers glory years and with a ton of experience as an NHL executive.

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Housekeeping: State of the Nation

January 29 2010 11:38AM

Pull up a stump, younglings. Let's take a moment to look away from the train-wreck of a team that we're still punishing ourselves by watching and talk about YOU. And by YOU, I mean US: OilersNation.com.

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Oilers vs. Blues Postgame: Yawn.

Jonathan Willis
January 29 2010 12:08AM

St. Louis Blues: 2

Edmonton Oilers: 1

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GDB LII: Bag skates and the Blues

Jason Gregor
January 28 2010 11:52AM

Back on December 21st the Blues scored four powerplay goals in a 7-2 drubbing of the Oilers at Rexall Place. They won their next game before losing six straight, firing Andy Murray in the process and replacing him with Davis Payne, an Oiler draft pick in 1989.

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