We're Number Last... We're Number Last!

Amber McCormick
January 26 2010 09:09AM

We’re the last team in the standings. We’re in 30th place. We’re the #1 losers. We’re the polar opposite of first place. No matter how you say it, it hurts. Not only do we have to put up with the mockery of Flames fans (there’s one in every office) but we also have to deal with the little voice in our heads saying, “Why are you so offended? You know they’re right.”

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Mr. Me Too

January 25 2010 06:49PM

We read a distressing article on SportsNet.ca this afternoon regarding the possible departure of “Big Sexy” Souray. With a little digging we found similar articles on every single publication of note and in the time honored fashion of joining the dog pile we thought we might kick around a few ideas of our own.

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UPDATED: It's lonely at the bottom

Jason Gregor
January 25 2010 09:19AM

“It is possible to fail in many ways... while to succeed is possible only in one way.”

The legendary Greek philosopher, Aristotle, uttered these words well before hockey was played, but today they seem fitting in Oilerville.

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It’s A Dive For Five Miracle!

Jonathan Willis
January 25 2010 08:10AM

With the win highlighted above, the Carolina hurricanes have moved out of 30th in the NHL, passing the hapless Edmonton Oilers, whose recent and not-so-recent stretches of futility have plummeted them to the bottom of the National Hockey League.

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Oilers vs. Stars Postgame: The Sweet Taste of Victory, The Agonizing Taste of Defeat, All In 40 Seconds

Jonathan Willis
January 22 2010 11:47PM

Dallas Stars: 4

Edmonton Oilers: 3

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