Oh yeah, did anyone see this?

May 24 2008 03:38PM


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Wanye Gretz’s Stanley Cup Analysis: Comparing Hometown Actors

May 23 2008 09:19AM


They say that you can judge an NHL team by the actors born in that city. That’s why the Oilers won so many cups when Michael J. Fox was hot.

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Bring back the Gator

May 22 2008 01:30PM


Jim Matheson reports in today’s Journal that during the Flyers playoff run this year, Jason Smith played 17 games with not one but two dislocated shoulders.

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Wanye Gretz’s Stanley Cup Analysis: Day One

May 22 2008 09:47AM


People might tell you that the key to the 2007–08 Stanley Cup is going to be goaltending. Others will say it’s defence.

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Stanley Cup Finals: let the analysis begin

May 21 2008 09:14AM


The Finals have been set. Now we can sit back to enjoy a week of the talking heads jawing over who will win

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